Kiehl’s Aromatic Blends Body Collection – Fragrance Perfection!

Ever since I visited the flagship Kiehl’s store in New York City this Spring, I have become more and more enamoured with the brand. Listen up all you skin care/beauty brands, Kiehl’s does things RIGHT! They employ scientists to create cutting-edge, effective skin care using the latest technology, they give back through philanthropic initiatives like  HIV/AIDS research, environmental issues and children’s well-being and they use recyclable packaging.  That’s a brand I can get behind!

Now Kiehl’s wants to take their customers on a journey around the world with their newest launch,  Aromatic Blends. Aromatic Blends is a four-fragrance, three-product, scented body collection and sensorial journey. Each of the four scent pairings takes you on a voyage to the source of Kiehl’s ingredients, and the fragrance’s inspiration:

  • Orange Flower & Lychee: a desert oasis in Morocco
  • Vanilla & Sandalwood: the dense jungle of Uganda
  • Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit: the tranquil gardens of Japan
  • Fig Leaf & Sage: the lush countryside of Provence

Each scent is available in fragrance (30ml: $40.00, 100ml: $75.00, Collection: $55.00), soft softening cleanser ($24) and skin softening lotion ($26).

I was able to try Orange Flower and Lychee in the cleanser and fragrance.

Orange Flower –Origin: A flower from the Bitter Orange tree native to Morocco.


Aromatic approach: The Bitter Orange tree is known to produce oranges that deliver a more potent “orange” aroma.  By incorporating the stem, leaf and flower in developing our orange flower aroma, we ensure the purest scent expression.

Lychee – Origin: A subtropical, sweet, refreshing fruit native to China.

Aromatic approach: To capture the juicy, freshness of a just-opened lychee. This fresh fruit cannot be removed from its natural habitat so to preserve the scent’s purity, Kiehl’s uses a blend of ingredients to recreate its aroma.

Each scent (found in all three products) was formulated with 30% less ingredients than found in traditional fragrances, using higher proportions of each key ingredient, so the resulting scents reflect a truer rendition of the ingredients.

“This tradition of listening to our customers is part of Kiehl’s unique fragrance development process,” shares David Suffit, Assistant Vice President, Fragrance Development, “the goal here was to scour the Earth for the best ingredients, and create fragrances that are of the highest quality with simple, clear and unique constructions, where customers can truly experience the purity of the fragrances while being transported to the origin of sourcing. This is the Kiehl’s way.”

This was very evident in the Orange Flower & Lychee fragrance I tried. It is AMAZING!  When Kiehl’s was sourcing the world over to find natural, yet efficacious ingredients, the team was introduced to a unique orange blossom essence. This blend was so special and exceptionally fragrant because it was formulated using three different parts of the Bitter Orange tree vs. the typical single orange essence.  The Bitter Orange tree is known to produce oranges that deliver a more potent “orange” aroma.  By incorporating the stem, leaf and flower in developing our orange flower aroma, we ensure the purest scent expression.

Mr. Suffit describes this fragrance blend, “The Orange Flower and Lychee recreates the atmosphere of late afternoon in a Moroccan garden. The Orange Tree absorbs the warmth of the sun during the day then exudes its strong distinctive essences as the air begins to cool in the evening, while the lychee lends a soft and sweet aroma reminiscent of the roses growing nearby.”

How many times have you been told in order to make your fragrance last (I’m looking at you Philosophy) you need to layer?? I’ve been told this about a bajillion times with designer fragrances no less– which actually means they want you to buy the body wash, body lotion AND fragrance and it STILL sometimes disappears after a few hours!  This has always been a real bone of contention for me–why can’t someone just created a fragrance that lasts without having to buy three products? Why am I handing over a Ben Franklin for something that fades within two hours?  Thank the Olefactory Gods (Kiehl’s) for crafting a delicious full- bodied fragrance that survives an entire day! There is no NEED to layer this fragrance although you easily could (I tried it that way too) and still not overdo it.

Orange Flower & Lychee is the best fragrance I’ve expereinced this summer. It’s pungent without being cloying, light but aromatic, sensual but not overly sexy, feminine but not girlish, sweet but not saccharine.  It doesn’t punch you in the face, but lets one know you are in the room. Honestly, the first time I wore this fragrance, I could NOT stop myself from sniffing my myself every few minutes and it put me in the best mood! If this is what a desert oasis in Morocco smells like, saddle up my camel!

The cleanser is of the same high quality; rich, thick sulfate-free lather and it does NOT dry out my skin. I showered at 5:30 AM and at 4 PM my skin still feels soft and hydrated and I didn’t even have time to use the lotion! The skin softening body lotion is inspired by the hydrating performance of Kiehl’s iconic Crème de Corps. It too is hydrating and proven to deliver 24 hours of hydration and nourishment to the skin – without the use of silicones.  Perfect for our over 40 delicate skin! The next trio I want to try is the Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit!

The other scents:

Vanilla and Cedarwood (Uganda): This Ugandan vanilla with its smooth, nearly smoky aroma is so distinctive and rare and is a direct contrast to commonly and commercially used vanilla extract, which is more sweet and floral.

The Vanilla & Cedarwood scent is a delicate balance of ying & yang, one part feminine from the Uganda Vanilla, smooth, smoky and just slightly sweet; one part masculine from the Virginia Cedarwood, raw and earthy.  Together they blend to form a fragrance that is dynamically simple and irresistibly universal” shares Mr. Suffit.

Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit (Japan):  Kiehl’s fell in love with the Nashi Blossom and Pink Grapefruit scents for their unique and distinctive qualities.  Kiehl’s was able to use natural extraction for the Pink Grapefruit, however, Nashi Blossom was far too delicate for a typical extraction.  This unmistakable scent required an advanced aromatic reproduction.   Kiehl’s utilized a unique extraction technology where odorous molecules can be extracted at room temperature but under precise pressure conditions.

“The Nashi Blossom is too fragile to undergo any form of processing. We used a unique extraction technology with a more durable ingredient, ginger, whose aromas helped to strengthen the reproduction of the Nashi Blossom, making it an absolutely pure interpretation of the bloom,” states Mr. Suffit, “the resulting scent is enchanting and joyful as Pink Grapefruit mingles with petally flowers.” 

Fig Leaf & Sage (France):  In search of the purest scent expression, Kiehl’s was looking to capture not only an ingredient’s original scent, but the impact that ingredient had on the surrounding environment.  To achieve this, Kiehl’s found a perfumer who spent his childhood in Provence.  This fragrance captured the aroma of Provence and is intended to evoke or even create a memory for each Kiehl’s patron.

The Fig Leaf & Sage unique scent is best described as spring in Provence, reminiscent of the French countryside.  The scent expression is not merely that of a fig, but is a combination of the scent of the air beneath the fig trees and the delicate aromas of the herbs in the surrounding fields,” shares Mr. Suffit.

There is a scent combination for everyone. Seriously beauties, this is purest fragrance you will ever try. If you find your fragrance fading, you HAVE to try Kiehl’s Aromatics! I warn you though, you WILL be sniffing yourself!

Kiehl’s Aromatic Blends are naturally derived and sustainably sourced.  Available on, July 1; launches in Kiehl’s stores nationwide July 10.

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  1. I tried the Fig Leaf and Sage yesterday at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It was heavenly…and you’re right, it lasted for hours! The other testers were back at the counter and it was a madhouse in there so I didn’t have a chance to try them, but I plan to go back ASAP to try them, especially the Nashi Blossom and Grapefruit. I loooove grapefruit during the hotter months and have been living in Jo Malone’s Grapefruit (usually mixed with a light floral). I can’t wait to try Kiehl’s version!

    Thanks for the review, Cindy!

    • The Nashi Blossom and Grapefruit is next on my list too Shannon! They are having 15% off through today!

  2. blauriche says:

    I like that they use natural, sustainable ingredients. It’s just too bad it’s not a cruelty free company 🙁

    Thanks for the review though 🙂

  3. This sounds amazing– I clearly need to expand my Kiehl’s horizon beyond moisturizers!! Thanks for the great review!

  4. Is is vanilla and sandlewood or vanilla and cedarwood? Or does it contain all three?

  5. I need to sniff this, and your 6 other scents from August!


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