Zoya Everly!

Purchased by me

About a month ago Zoya Professional Lacquer had a fabulous promo. For just $15 (shipping and handling) you could choose 4 nail polishes. This is a great bargain as each polish retails for $10! They have these sales every so often and if you’re not paying attention you may miss them.

I immediately spotted Everly in the Winter Holos collection and fell in love! This diamond holographic fuchsia red is everything! This is two coats and a topcoat–there is no texture after the top coat, just LOTS of pretty sparkle! We are actually having a sunny day as I write this, although it’s 21 degrees outside with two feet of snow! Anywho, I hope you can see the sparkle in sunlight.

Everly applied smoothly, I wouldn’t call it red, it’s pinker than that to my eye. It will pull more red or pink depending upon your skin tone. Zoya’s holos are incredible! They have so much dimension and are not chunky. I wish I would have bought the other shades in the Winter Holo Collection: Brighton, a full coverage diamond holographic soft nude and Cadence, a full coverage diamond holographic classic pink rather than I ones I chose.

Everly is a brand new shade and has become very popular, I can see why!

What I started out looking for was a pale pink/mauve and without meaning to chose 3 shades that look almost identical:

Rumor, Bridgitte and Charity.

Rumor: a full-coverage mauve taupe with a subtle shimmer 

Bridgitte: a full-coverage, bombshell mauve cream

Charity: a faded mauve-purple with copper colored duochrome shimmer

Zoya is BIG1o Free meaning no nasty stuff. Their polishes also wear like iron so I will get a good week if not more with this polish.

If you’re stuck inside due to the Polar Vortex, painting your nails is a fun way to pass the time. Plus taking a few minutes to yourself to paint your nails can be a fantastic way to relax and unwind after a hectic day.

What are you wearing on your nails?