Giveaway time to keep you Covid-19 safe

I am dedicating this giveaway to your health. Specifically keeping you Covid-19 free. Our newest giveaway is part of the Fashion Flash book and beauty group but it's slightly different since there's no book to give away. We are giving away beauty though plus a $50 Amazon gift card and we're hoping … [Continue reading]

5 Tips to Treat Dry Hair Over 40!

In your forties, you may begin to notice an inevitable sign of aging hair—dryness. Dry hair occurs when your strands aren’t receiving or retaining adequate moisture. Here’s the good news, in many cases dry hair can be treated. No one has time for brittle hair, so read on for 5 tips to treat dry hair … [Continue reading]

Handmade, Natural Loulou Shampoo Bars!

I want to put Loulou on your radar. They have 100% handmade, natural, bath, body, and hair products that are vegan, not tested on animals, GMO-free, … [Continue reading]

Fashion Flash will warm you up

Your week is about to get better with the articles from Fashion Flash. Our host this week is Angie of Your True Self Blog and she's happily collected … [Continue reading]

REALHER Dreams So Big Eyeshadow Palette!

REALHER, the makeup brand that’s about empowerment and inspiration has a new eyeshadow palette that lets us dream--no matter how big those dreams are. … [Continue reading]

The Sunday Scoop brings you a blizzard of giveaways to end February

Welcome to dozens and dozens of giveaways that will take you through the end of the month. There's something from everyone's wishlist and I hope this … [Continue reading]

The Beauty Spotlight Team Weekly Reads!

Erno Laszlo is having their Annual Friends & Family 25% Off Sale, and Lola's Secret Beauty Blog has prepared a list of her top … [Continue reading]

TRIBEAUTY CBD Eye Creams and why I love them

Let me start with the fact that I am an insomniac. I don't just toss and turn, I actually don't fall asleep most nights of the week. It's typical for … [Continue reading]