Was my Hourglass splurge worth the money?

Like many of us I'm not spending nearly as much money as I used to. Between getting older (who me??) and not seeing people, I just don't have the desire. But every once in a while I get something in my head and I can't shake it out. I've learned to not impulsively buy but when there's something that … [Continue reading]

Ollie Belle is our “maskne” savior

Covid has caused a lot of problems in the last 15 months. Some huge, some small, but all unpleasant. One of the unpleasant ones is MASKNE - those breakouts you get from wearing masks all day long. The masks trap in dirt and oil no matter how great you take care of your skin. And then Maskne arrives … [Continue reading]

Australian Botanical Soap!

Press Sample "A good soap bar does not just sanitize, it gently cleanses the skin without drying it out, leaving the skin feeling soft and … [Continue reading]

Go to Fashion Flash for reading greats

This week we'd like to thank Deb from NoNonsense Beauty for gathering our Fashion Flash posts. Without Deb there wouldn't even be this great emagazine … [Continue reading]

Paige Marie Hair Care for Fine Hair!

Press Sample Paige Marie is a beauty brand specializing in handcrafted healthy hair care products that are formulated with fine hair in mind. … [Continue reading]

Sunday Scoop giveaways are delicious fun

Welcome to the latest Sunday Scoop. I hope that it brings you some winning entries. I'd be thrilled to hear from some blog that I won and I'm sure you … [Continue reading]

The Beauty Spotlight Team celebrates May

Frugal Friday on Prime Beauty is all about finding products that are fabulous and priced frugally. Cindy has the scoop on all the new Eco Lips balms … [Continue reading]

Frugal Friday with Eco Lips!

Press Sample Today's Frugal Friday features Eco Lips. Eco Lips introduced their first natural, organic lip balm in 2003. Since then, … [Continue reading]