10 Tips for At-Home Hair Color Made Easy!

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Salon hair color is becoming very pricey. Working at a salon I know it’s not unusual for a color to range anywhere from $75-$175 and I live in a small town, I can’t imagine the price in a fancy celebrity salon! I colored my hair at salons for eons until just last year when I discovered AGEBeautiful Anti-Aging Hair Color from Zotos International available at Sally Beauty. Not only has it saved me TONS of money but AGEBeautiful Anti-Aging Haircolor was developed to fight ALL 5 signs of aging hair:

  • Thinning: instantly fuller and thicker looking hair
  • Wiry Hair: dramatically softer, more manageable hair
  • Turning Gray: 100% gray coverage for up to 8 weeks
  • Dryness: significantly more conditioned hair
  • Dullness: visibly more radiant, shiny hair

This makes it ideal for us over 40 beauties! While those benefits are found in every AGEbeautiful formula, the brand recognizes that each client’s hair color needs are different. That’s why AGEbeautiful offers formulas for every level of coverage in a complete palette of natural-looking shades. I can cover those pesky gray hairs and customize my color! My sister was completely gray and I tried AGEBeautiful on her hair and we got fantastic results! Just look at the before and after!

A major difference you will find with AGEBeautiful is that it is not in a box which allows you to create a color specifically for YOU. Head to Sally Beauty Supply and pick up a few supplies: a bowl, plastic gloves, and a brush or bottle. AGEBeautiful makes both liquid and creme formulas.

Get salon quality results at home with AGEeautiful and these tips!

  1. Choose a shade that’s slightly lighter than what you want. You can always go darker, but you can’t go lighter.
  2. Choose your formula: liquid or liquid-crème. I chose liquid-créme, I think it’s a little easier to control the first time your color.
  3. Choose your shade and your developer–usually 20 volume. Remember words like ash, champagne or platinum are cool toned and golden, copper or bronze are warm toned. If your hair is very thick or really long, you will need more tubes of color.
  4. Permanent means it won’t wash out, semi or demi-permanent means it will last for up to 24 shampoos.
  5. Go for two days without shampooing before applying color, do NOT apply to wet hair.
  6. Wear an old shirt or towel or purchase a cape from Sally Beauty.
  7. Divide your hair into 4 sections, clip up the sections you are not working on and work on each section at a time.
  8. Start with an applicator bottle then work into the roots with a brush.
  9. For those grays that poke straight up: as you apply color to the roots, make sure the hair lies smooth with the rest of your hair and is not corkscrewing out.
  10. Don’t shampoo for 3 days after coloring. Make your color last longer by using sulfate free shampoos and conditioners.

I had never colored my own hair at home (and I’m talkin’ 50+ years) until I tried AGEeautiful Anti-Aging Hair Color and I am a loyal convert! Shhh, don’t tell my stylist but I will save $400 this year and have beautiful, natural color with no gray!

Do you color your own hair? Do you have any tips to share?

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