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ColourPop Cosmetics launched their new Ultra Satin Lips  in March and I just got around to purchasing a few. If you found the Ultra Matte Lips, too drying as I did, the ColourPop Ultra Satin Lips line may be your answer. They released 16 shades so far in the line and also 7 new Lippie Pencils to go with them. Not every Satin Lip shade has a matching lip liner, but there are tons of options from ColourPop’s existing line.

The new Ultra Satin Lips are extremely pigmented and set to a comfortable matte/satin finish but they aren’t drying. Though they are called satin, I find them to have more of a matte finish. They are thicker in texture than I like and unlike the Ultra Matte Lips, these do transfer. Warning: there will be lip prints all over your glass. Still, I like them and at $6 you can’t go wrong.

I purchased Botanical, a neon peachy coral, Dohee, a bright warm coral and Naked Ladies, a bright coral red. Seeing a pattern here? I love me some coral!

Naked Ladies

Naked Ladies

Naked Ladies surprised me by being my favorite of the three. It’s described as a bright coral red, but I think it’s more of a strawberry red. The color reminds me of the fruit punch I drank as a kid. It’s perfect for summer.



Botanical is a NEON peachy coral. Neon is the key word here. It’s waaaaay too bright for me. It kinda makes me feel like I should be on a Florida golf course in a golf cart with a cigarette hanging out of my mouth and a tumbler of gin in the other yelling “Morty when are you gonna be done? I have an appointment with my hair dressah in 10 minutes. Morty are you listening to me?”



Dohee is a new addition to the original 16 (I think). It’s a warm peachy coral. Yes, this is what I wanted Botanical to be. In fairness though, I should have paid more attention to the description of Botanical–had I noticed “neon” I never would have purchased it.

IMG_5503 (2)

The doe foot applicator can pick up too much product, making it look thick on the lips. I have to wipe a bit off to keep it looking fresh. Ultra Satin Lips are not glossy and not matte. You can put gloss over if you want a little shine. What I like most about these is that they don’t settle into my lip lines like most matte lipsticks do. I can get the look of a matte without the dryness. Score! I do wish the descriptions on the ColourPop website were more accurate though.

The Ultra Satin Lips retail for $6.00 each

While I was purusing the site, I decided to order an eyeshadow or two. I didn’t even know what I was looking for but then I found So Quiche and fell in love. The shade is SO unique: soft olive with a highly reflective gold and pink violet glittery duo chrome metallic finish.

So Quiche

So Quiche

I adore the texture of ColorPop eyeshadows. They look like a powder and feel like a cream. Fingers or a synthetic brush works best to apply. I’ve also found that these shadows are best worn without primer. Glitter formulas are best pressed directly onto the areas you want and don’t blend. I know that is counterintuitive but they layer nicely and if you blend, you will blend all the intensity away. Don’t worry about creasing–unless you have very oily lids, there is no creasing.

Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy

When I placed my order, ColourPop was celebrating their second anniversary by giving away a limited edition Super Shock eyeshadow, Birthday Boy with purchase.  It comes in limited edition packaging, a magenta colored pot with a tiara on the lid. Birthday Boy is a  is a one-time-only shade. It’s a cool, mid-tone golden taupe flecked with silver glitter and a slightly violet reflective finish. It. Is. Stunning.

So Quiche & Birthday Boy

So Quiche & Birthday Boy

So Quiche, Birthday Boy

So Quiche, Birthday Boy

Bottom Line: ColourPop has some of the best and most unique eyeshadows out there for totally affordable prices. If you want the look of a matte lipstick with no drying, check out the Ultra Satin Lips collection!

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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    I have a summery peach shade of the Ultra Satin and I love how it looks but it is still somewhat drying on poor ole me. I also picked up some similar shadow shades. ColourPop is a bargain

  2. http://tiarastantrums.com says

    My girls really like colored lip glosses – I will have to get a couple of these wonderful color for them this summer.

  3. The eyeshadows are really pretty.

  4. I almost bought things when Birthday Boy was available but I barely use my Colourpop items. My favorites from CP are their lipliners and lip pencils. Those I do use.

  5. Norah Salazar says

    Those colors are to die for!

  6. carmela mempin says

    I want to try this stuff. I love the eyeshadows!

  7. I think I’d probably like their eyeshadows. I have to see if my daughter would want to try any.

  8. FabZilla_Kath says

    I haven’t tried the e/s. I should buy some since it’s pretty cheap

  9. I really love these set of lippies! I like their matte line more, but these sound great. good to know that it doesn’t make your lips dry too. Perfect for all day use.

  10. Botanical and Dohee are really lovely!

  11. I’m loving how Dohee looks! Those eyeshadows are beautifully pigmented and creamy!

  12. I love the lippies. And they’re affordably priced too!

  13. Those are all such great colors. I really love the lip colors. They’re so pretty!

  14. My Colourpop lippies get a lot of use on the daily 😀

  15. Nicole Cochingco Escat says

    I super love the eye shadows! I will check out if it is available in our country.

  16. I need to try their Ultra Satin lippie.

  17. Oh I like that pop of red! I’ve always wanted to try some red lipstick.

  18. I like the colors of the eye shadow. This is so perfect for a party night out!

  19. Amy @ Marvelous Mommy says

    Such pretty makeup colors. I like the Naked Ladies coral color.

  20. Those are perfect corals for you! Good to know the newer formula is better. I LOVE the look of those shadows. I haven’t gotten around to trying any yet. (Do I need to pass in my beauty blogger card? lol)

  21. I am really excited about those eyeshadow colors, so beautiful!

  22. Amanda Love says

    Color pop is all people talk about these days when it comes to lipsticks! And I can’t really blame them because the quality is good and it’s affordable too. The colors are perfect for the summer, I’m sure you’ll love using them!

  23. Becca Wilson says

    I have never heard of this company but I really like that Botanical color! I will be checking this company out for sure to restock on some makeup.

  24. Courtney Gillard says

    I like the lightest lip tint. I will check this out, looks like a nice product.

  25. I’m not much on dark eyeshadows but I’m a lipgloss queen. I love finding new colors and new brands of lipgloss. I’d love to try these colors.

  26. The shadows have unique tones to them! I’d love to see how these look against my skin.

  27. I freaking love ColourPop!

  28. Christine Cox says

    I think Dohee or Botanical might be the two I would try of the lip glosses. I usually stick to almost nude colors for eyeshadows.


    I prefer matte lipsticks but love these new shades, especially the coral one. I’ll look into this ColourPop,


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