butterLONDON Glitz and Glamour Beauty Clutch Lives Up to It’s Name!

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butterLONDON entered the beauty industry 10 years ago with their fabulous nail lacquer using cheeky British slang names. The brand has always worked hand-in-hand with the world’s top designers and have expanded to include cosmetics in the line. I admit I was skeptical if a nail polish brand could do makeup but I have to say I’ve been impressed! Their cream blushes, eyeliners and lip products are among the best in my stash.

Last fall butterLONDON introduced the shadow clutch, a customizable eyeshadow palette that received rave reviews. Building upon that success, in 2016 they released the limited edition Beauty Clutch ($39). This is another customizable palette that can accommodate not only eyeshadows but also blush and bronzer to create a multi-use palette. I puchased the pre-made Beauty Clutch in Glitz & Glamour. There was another warm palette but it is sold out. If anyone knows the name, please enlighten me.


butterLONDON’s Beauty Clutch allows me to change out any of the pieces to create my own one-of-a-kind beauty wardrobe. The packaging is the epitome of  glam: a bedazzled shimmering gold with a full size mirror that will add a touch of luxury to any vanity. It really is elegant and the perfect size to carry in your bag.


Glitz and Glamour includes four primer-infused, buildable shadows, a lightweight ultra-velvety blush and a portable highlighter pen.


  • Frosted Rose, a matte petal pink
  • Pashmina, a gorgeous shimmery silvery rose taupe
  • Tiara, a satin dusty lavender
  • Bronzite, a shimmery deep burgundy brown with gold flecks
  • Primrose blush, a beautiful satin rose
  • On The Glow Pen in Moonstone, a shimmery champagne powder


The butterLONDON Glitz and Glamour Beauty Clutch is full of well coordinated,  cool toned purples. Each is perfectly pigmented, long lasting and blends easily. The eyeshadow formula is infused with primer so no separate primer is needed. The texture of all these powder products are silky smooth and glide on effortlessly.

Pashmina, my favorite of the palette,  is such a pretty and unique shade: it’s a shimmering rosy purple taupe that applies like a dream. Frosted Rose is a pale pink. While not especially different, the texture is so velvety smooth for a matte, it’s still impressive. Tiara is a lovely satin dusty lavender and Bronzite, is a brown/burgundy with beautiful flecks of gold. Bonzite also makes a pretty liner. Primrose is a delicate dusty rose that is flattering to all skin tones. Rather than include a brush, the palette includes a highlighting pen in Moonstone, a pretty white gold.

R to L: Frosted Rose, Pashmina, Primrose Blush, Tiara and Bronzite

R to L: Frosted Rose, Pashmina, Primrose Blush, Tiara and Bronzite

My only complaint is the the highlighting pen is a bit difficult to use. The pen has a pump-like dispenser but it only seems to work when you put the lid on. It dispenses just enough for one swipe so you have to keep putting the lid on and off which is a pain. It is however, a nice touch to finish the look.


The palette comes with an application guide for two looks: glamour and glitz. This is the glamour look:




Frosted Rose on the brow bone, Tiara on the lid, Pashmina in the crease and Bronzite to line. Primrose applied to the cheeks and Moonstone to the upper cheek bone, above the brows and on the inner corner of the eyes.


Please forgive the hair–see what happens when I go for a “sleek” look??

Moonstone Highlight

Moonstone Highlight

Bottom Line: the shades in the butterLONDON Beauty Clutch Glitz and Glamour Palette are very flattering and the packaging is so glam! The quality is top notch and better still, I can add more colors and/or switch them out to make different palettes. This palette is on sale for only $24 right now at ULTA Beauty so hurry!

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  1. I love those lilac-y shades – you are ROCKING them! Also love your hair – you pull off curls and straight hair equally well.

  2. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    I loooooooove your sleek look! You look great! If I didn’t have so many palettes that I haven’t even opened, I would run out and get this. I love the first clutch palette, and I’d love these shades too.

  3. Awesome palette! I seriously do not know how to use a highlighting pen! I think the shades are perfect especially for the upcoming holidays! I like that there’s a guide too, pretty helpful!

  4. Love the colors in this palette!

  5. I love Pashima!! This is a beautiful palette and a great idea. I have some of their shadows and blushes and they are so silky. Your look with these is gorgeous.

  6. This looks so great on you. I love the colors.

  7. Michelle Kneece Waller says

    I am in love with those shades. I need to add this to my beauty collection asap!

  8. This palette definitely has me going! I love the shades, they’re wearable everyday. The highlighter is a nice addition, I just hope it wasn’t so difficult to use!

  9. Nicole Etolen says

    I like the colors, the review is so helpful. Sounds like a nice palette for me.

  10. Rose Ann Sales says

    I super love the colors of your palette. How I wish I can add this on my make-up collection.

  11. I am a huge fan of makeup. I want to try this palette, hope it works on me well!

  12. This would be a perfect gift for my wife. I hope she likes it, she has a hue makeup collection.

  13. Christine Cox says

    Those colors look great on you!! I think this is a winner even if you have to waste time with the lid lol

  14. I love butterLondon products. The quality is great. The colors look fabulous on you.

  15. this palette suits you well! the colour sparkle just perfectly and love the shades

  16. Betzy Carmona says

    this is so nice and looks lovely on you

  17. Not heard of the brand but I am loving the palatte and the look you’ve created. Shame about the highlighter pen

  18. This palette is gorgeous! The blush is my favorite.


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