5 Best Makeup Wipes

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Okay, I admit it, I’ve become kinda a makeup wipe junkie.  I use them waaay more than I should. With a busy work schedule, a few side jobs and keeping up with this blog, I sometimes don’t have the energy to go through my entire skin care routine so I grab a makeup wipe instead. I know BAD blogger! We all know that removing our makeup is essential for healthy skin. Makeup can clog pores causing breakouts and the ingredients in some cosmetics can be responsible for inflammatory responses in our skin. But, shoot those wipes are just too convenient!  At least I’m not sleeping in my makeup, right? As Linda Richmond would say–no big whoop.


Anywho, since I’ve tried so many brands I now consider myself an expert. Here is a roundup to help you find the right makeup wipes for your skin issues. You’re welcome!

Best For Brightening: Yes to Blueberries Age Refresh Brightening Facial Towelettes 


Formulated with blueberries and coconuts, they cleanse, remove makeup and moisturize all in one.  Apple and lemon peel help to brighten and refresh the skin’s surface while blueberries rich in Anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C and Anthocyanins help fight the formation of free radicals. These wipes have no oily residue leaving skin feeling fresh and clean. Packaging is a plastic pouch with a snap lid to prevent the wipes from drying out. Yes to Blueberries Brightening Facial Towelettes are 99% natural, biodegradable (no guilt), Oil-free, non-comedogenic and  hypoallergenic. I definitely did notice a brightening effect with prolonged use, my only complaint is that I feel they are too harsh to use on eyes so I use a eye makeup remover first.  Retail for $7.99 for a 30-pack and can be often found on sale.

Best For Dry Skin: Aveeno Ultra-Calming Makeup Removing Wipes


These are the only wipes I’ve used that didn’t dry out my skin after time. This is why they are so great:

  • Oil-free with ACTIVE NATURALS® Calming Feverfew to leave sensitive skin feeling soothed and balanced
  • Safe for daily use
  • Remove dirt, makeup, oil and even mascara
  • Alleviate redness and skin irritations

They actually feel good on the skin, even after a few hours of using them. They are especially nice for us over 40 women because they are so gentle and don’t leave my skin feeling tight or stripped. And…they still get the job done, even on stubborn eye makeup! The packaging is great and at $6.99 you can afford a pack for your gym bag, bathroom or nightstand.

Best For Oily or Combination Skin: Korres Pomegranate Cleansing and Makeup Removing Wipes


The scent of these wipes is fabulous and I had didn’t have an oily T-zone in the morning! Removes make up effectively without having to scrub. They are not great at taking off eye makeup, so you will need to use and eye makeup remover in addition.  I do wish the packaging has a flip top lid rather than the tape as the wipes tend to dry out too quick. $12 for 25 wipes

 Best Eco-Friendly: Josie Maran Bear Naked Wipes


Josie Maran Bear Naked Wipes removes makeup nature’s way—with a blend of aloe vera, chamomile, cucumber, and vitamin E. Free of fragrance, parabens, and petrochemicals, Josie Maran Cosmetics’ Bear Naked Wipes are luxuriously soft, biodegradable, and kind to tender eyes and skin. These are very gentle and the cloth is really, really soft–must be because they are biodegradable. I also like the fact that they are fragrance free and have no petrochemicals. In support of the Natural Resources Defense Council’s Polar Bear SOS initiative, a portion of every package of Bear Naked Wipes sold will go to protect these endangered animals.  I applaud Josie committment to animals and nature.  $12 for 30 wipes.

Best for Anti-Aging: Ole Henriksen Truth To Go Vitamin C Wipes


You don’t have to give up the anti-aging benefits of your full skin care regimen with these wipes–they take wipes to a new level!  Ole Henriksen Truth to Go Wipes are non-drying on delicate skin and strong enough to remove dirt, grime, and makeup in one fresh citrus scented swipe. With Vitamin C to brighten skin, green tea to prevent the breakdown of collagen, and anti-oxidants for repair and regeneration, I don’t lose any skincare benefits I get with my usual routine.  I have used these at least twice a week in the past and my skin has not suffered in the least.  They are more expensive than anything you’ll find at the drugstore, but then you ARE getting some great anti-aging fighters as well. $30 for 15 wipes

Best For Sensitive Skin: Simple Facial Cleansing Wipes


These tick all the boxes for me.  They are gentle enough for sensitive skin and don’t dry my skin out even if I use them for a week straight, though I never do *wink wink.*  They take off waterproof mascara without making my under eye area feel dry or tight and cleanse very well–even waterproof mascara!  The cloth itself is soft, they have a nice subtle scent and do not burn or sting sensitive skin. My face feels clean with no residue.  These are a GREAT overall facial wipe! $4.99 for 25 wipes.

 Overall: I must not be the only lazy person out there because there sure are a lot of makeup wipes on the market! I would have to say my overall favorite is the Simple Skincare Cleansing Facial Wipes. I hope this helped you choose one that is right for you! No worries, it’s okay to be lazy sometimes.

What makeup wipes are your favorite? Have you tried any of these brands?

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  1. I have used the Yes to Blueberries Age refresh and Aveeno ultra calming wipes and love them both! I have yet to try Simple cleansing wipes…..will def pick them up soon!

  2. charlotte says

    I bought a pack of baby wipes in a pinch a couple of years ago.. and have never gone back. My favorites are Huggies one and done refreshing.. they never irritate my sensitive skin.. even removing liner from inside the eye, nice and big/thick/soft, contain great ingredients like cucumber and green tea, are alcohol free, have a great package with a snap shut opening, and are WAY cheaper than “makeup” wipes.

  3. Have you tried the Philosophy wipes? If so, how do you think they compare to the others you’ve used? My daughter uses them and loves them, but I have yet to try them.

  4. I’m using the Almay ones right now and I’m really liking them. I finished my Aveeno but will repurchase. I’ve tried Yes to Carrots but not the Blueberry one. I bet I’d like that.

  5. Great list! My favorites are the Aveeno Ultra calming and yes to cucumbers. Although now you really make me want to try the blueberry version!

  6. Mamavalveeta03 says

    I actually plan to use a wipe tonight! I am too tired to think, let alone write a response for you. So if I don’t make any sense, just ignore me. I use something right now by Ponds for Sensitive Skin, but it doesn’t do a great job of removing mascara, which means crusty eyes in the a.m. (on top of the puffiness we’ve already discussed…EW! Appealing visual, huh?!?)

    • Give the Simple Skincare wipes a try–they are for sensitive skin and work on eye makeup too! Now go get some rest!!

  7. I have tried a few wipes and most left my skin feeling like it wasn’t clean- like there was a film over it. But the Simple ones are great- I love those. But in economic terms, they don’t beat plain old baby wipes. Non-scented, no extras, but they take my make-up off when I am feeling lazy!

  8. Sharon Siqueiros says

    When I was younger I used baby wipes all the time. Then I started using the Olay wipes, then I found Simple and haven’t used anything else, I love ’em

  9. Seriously I’m in the same boat as you! I’ve a busy work and schedule and with 2 kids to feed, getting the time to actually pay good attention to my skin is a rarity these days so the wipes come in handy. I have been use Josie Maran’s bear naked wipes but I’ll give Simple a try. Thank you!

  10. From your list, I have only used the Simple ones. My #1 favorite, from my running series on makeup wipes, has been Forever 21’s love and beauty lavender makeup wipes. Very inexpensive and my all-time favorite.