5 Pink Blushes For A Summer SunKissed Look

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If have read this blog for any length of time–like oh, maybe a week or so, you know of my deep affectionaddiction to all things coral, but ‘ya know there is just something about a pink cheek in the summer that looks so fresh and outdoorsy. Like you just came in from an afternoon picnic or a game of beach volleyball–a slight flush or maybe be a teensy tiny bit of a burn on the apples of your cheeks gives you a young and healthy look.  Pair it with sun-kissed bronzed face, and it’s a perfect easy-peasy look for summer. And summer is the ideal time to go a little bolder with your cheek color. Here are my favorite pink blushes for summer:

NARS Riveria

NARS Multiple in Riveria ($39) a silky cream blush in a stick! Riveria is a sheer baby pink with slight shimmer–no worries, beauties,  this is refined grown-up shimmer. It glides on the skin and is not sticky or thick. The intensity can be built up for darker skins without looking greasy. The texture is powdery soft and easily blendable; I really love the look this gives me. If you want a really quick (two swipes is all you need), easy and natural glow for summer, this is it!

3CC Morning After heavily swatched

Three Custom Color Cream to Powder Blush in Morning After ($22.50) – the texture of this cream to powder blush is remarkable! When I dip my fingers into the pot, it feels creamy & moist, but when I touch it to my face, it instantly turns to into a very fine, delicate powder that blends like a cream. Weird, but in a good way; it feels like satin on the skin. Morning After is a pink with some peach undertones which should probably be called Right After because it looks that natural if you get my drift–wink wink. Morning After was created by artist and best-selling author, Robert Jones of “Looking Younger” and “Makeup Makeovers.”  Robert is known for helping his clients achieve a youthful glow at any age—and this blush is made for over 40 women! This blush is so fresh and glowy, it makes me look like I just went for a run–um, yeah, sure. Thank you Three Custom Color Specialists for helping me look like I actually exercise.

Benefit Bella Bamba 3D Blush($29) – what Benefit Coralista did for coral blush–perfected it that is, me thinks Bella Bamba will do for this vibrant pink blush. Benefit Bella Bamba promises to brighten, sculpt and define cheeks. It will definitely brighten– it’s a bright watermelon pink with a pale golden sheen that lights up your face thanks to the teeny tiny reflective shimmer. Highly pigmented, I use a skunk brush on my pale skin–on darker skin tones, you will want to increase the amount you use. Don’t be afraid of the shimmer, applied with a light hand, it’s barely noticable and imparts a nice healthy glow. The shimmer/sheen may be more pronounced on darker skin tones, but still, not over the top disco ball. While the pink is on the cool side, the golden sheen warms it up, thereby making it suitable for all skin tones. The packaging on Benefit’s boxed blushes has changed to include a flip top (as opposed to the traditional lid) and the addition of a mirror. Bella Bamba is just downright gorgeous!  As the most pigmented blush in this group, it will bring a beautiful pinky/golden flush to your cheeks and light up your face!

BECCA Beach Tint in Guava ($25) – beach tints are award winning, multi-functional, oil-free, water-resistant creams for adding a hint of color to cheeks and lips. The newest addition is Guava, a gorgeous pinky coral with a guava scent. I expected this to be like Benefit’s Benetint–a watery stain but it’s not at all; it is more a gel consistency and blends effortlessly, allowing you more time than a stain. It’s great for layering too; beneath powder blushes, bronzers and lip gloss. That’s right, you can use Beach Tints as a lip stain also; alone for a matte look or with gloss on top. I’ve tried a sheer gold gloss on top of Guava as well as a peachy shade and both look fresh and juicy. As a blush, this will last all day long without fading, making it  ideal for summer– not only for the long wear but because it takes you all of oh….. 5.4 seconds to apply & blend.  


Stila Custom Color Blush heavily swatched

Stila Custom Color Blush ($20) –  don’t be scared by the BRIGHT shade of this blush. It’s PH balanced and self-adjusts to your skin tone so will always have the right shade because it’s customized to you! The texture is extremely light and silky so it kind of “floats” on top of lines and wrinkles. It applies like a dream and you can layer for more intensity if desired.  You’ve got to try this, it won’t look powdery or cakey–perfect for over 40 women!



Rock and Republic Blush in Spank (originally $40-now ?)– okay, I’m cheating a bit here because I don’t know if you can still find R&R Spank. However, all the members-only sale sites have been having R&R sales constantly–even Rock and Republic’s own site has had quite a few 50%  sales as of late so there may be hope. Spank is a finely milled matte, medium pink that leans neither warm or cool, with a velvety finish. The color payoff is amazing; on my pale skin I have to use a light hand and a fan or skunk brush–meaning that it’s suitable for darker skin as well. Spank is perfect for that dolly pink cheek look and as an everyday blush. There seems to be no middle ground on the Rock and Republic packaging; you love it or hate it. I happen to love it–it feels very decadent and royal to me but some complain it’s too heavy to be practical and they have a point. This is so big, you will never run out–a whopping 9g of product. If you can still get your hands on this blush–do it! If you can’t find it at rockandrepublic.com, look on Hautelook, Gilt Group and other discount makeup sites.

What are your favorite summer pink blushes? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. I love 3CC Morning After, it’s so beautiful. I’m surprised you picked the Stila since it doesn’t seem like a Cindy color but I bet it looks beautiful. Put me in the love camp with Rock & Republic. I have 3 blushes from them that I never want to end (and they are so huge they probably won’t); Call Me is one you’d love too Cindy.

    • I want Call Me but it’s always sold out. I was very surprised by the Stila too–it takes awhile but it really does ‘adapt’ to your skin tone.

  2. Pretty pinks!!!!

  3. Cindy we need to hunt down Call Me for you! It’s a *Cindy* color!!!

  4. I do love my pinks, even if I am waaaaaaaay over 40!

    Congrats on your SITS Day!

  5. I’m a drugstore cosmetics girl myself and my favorite summer pink blush is Loreal True Match Blush in Rosy Outlook.

  6. I think my fave pink this year would be the Givenchy Gelee blush from the summer collection – it looks really hot pink in the package but goes on as the perfect rosy “just got…some housework done (not that I ever do housework)” flush!

    Best, Lisamarie

  7. So many lovely colours! Of course, it’s the Spank that’s really talking to me. It’s always the way, isn’t it?!

  8. What great choices! I just love blush! I have been going through a peach-phase with blush lately…so I have been loving Milani’s Luminoso this summer. But, also have been adoring BeneFit’s Bella Bamba like you!

  9. so lovely! I’ve been eying guava beach tint for a while. Beach tints are among my favorite 🙂


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