7 Beauty Tools Every Older Beauty Need!

1. A good Eyelash Curler. Eyelashes are just another thing that thins as we age. Too bad my backside hasn’t! I like the Tweezerman Curl 38° Eyelash Curler.  Perfectly shaped and balanced, it applies just the amount of pressure for optimum curl. When using a lash curler use a 3 step process. First squeeze the lashes at the base for 2-3 seconds, then move up a bit and repeat and finally at the tips for another 2-3 seconds. This process makes your lashes look longer and fuller as opposed to standing at attention.

2. A good Eye Shadow primer. An eye shadow primer accomplishes three things–it keeps shadow from creasing, it acts as a base to make shadow last all day and brings out the pigment in sheerer shadows. A good eye shadow primer can sometimes even make eyes look a teeny bit less crepey. My favorites are Urban Decay Primer Potion and Too Faced Shadow Insurance, but there are some great ones at the drugstore too like NYX. I use one of these every day.

3. A good Brow Kit. Think of your eyebrows as a picture frame for your eyes. Some of us have over-tweezed through the years and nothing ages you quicker than too thin or ‘painted on’ brows. Brow powder looks more natural than harsh pencils. Make sure you apply powder with a stiff slanted brow brush and choose a shade lighter than you hair–don’t go too dark. Benefit has some great brow products. They have a new kit called Boss Brows. If you’re having trouble getting the right shape, Anastasia Beverly Hills has stencils for Instagram-worthy brows.

4. A Reverse or Clear Lip Liner. As we age, those pesky fine lines start to appear on our upper lip making lipstick bleed and feather. A reverse lip liner can help. It is a clear waxy pencil that keeps lipstick in place and prevents bleeding. Plus, you don’t need to have the perfect cherry red for your favorite red lipstick or nudey pink or coral or vampy plum. Clear lip liner does it all!   

5. A Beauty Sponge. This award-winning makeup sponge gives you amazing coverage and blendability. This little egg-shaped sponge will make your foundation look flawless. Use the wide end to spread foundation and the pointed end for hard to reach places like around the nose or under the eyes. use one from Real Techniques and it’s only $5.99 at Ulta!

6. A Silk Pillowcase. Before you laugh, consider this; cotton absorbs all those expensive creams and lotions we put on our faces and you won’t wake up with those creases on your face in the morning. Believe it or not there are several brands of ‘anti-wrinkle’ silk pillows and pillowcases. Aftr using one for the last few years, I think it really, really helps! Plus I don’t wake up with creases on my face and my hairstyle is a little fresher.

7. A Dry Brush. Dry brushing has incredible health benefits and is widely recommended by health experts. Dry brushing detoxifies the body, improves circulation, eliminates dead skin cells, exfoliates the skin, improves skin tone, aids digestion, reduces and prevents cellulite, and increases energy and well-being. Perfect for us older beauties!

Do you have any favorite beauty tools or tips? Share with us!

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  1. Lola Seicento says

    Excellent picks, but I think that they are good for all ages!

  2. Jen Mathews says

    I need to start using a clear lip liner! I have one but I always forget to use it. My skin has been dry lately and I’m getting older, and starting to notice more lipstick bleed.

  3. Paula (lilpeej) says

    Could you please recommend a lip liner and a pillowcase? Thanks!

    • Lipstick Queen makes a clear liner as well as CoverGirl Farewell Feathering Lip Liner–$7.99. As far as silk pillowcases, I like Lilysilk but any silk one will do.

  4. Morgan Martin says

    I’m hoping to not be considered “older” anytime too soon but love this list. Will have to look into dry brushing!

  5. My mom has always used a silk pillowcase! 😉

  6. I need a dry brush. My back gets so itchy and I’m guessing that this would be a big help for my dry skin since I can’t reach it. That Tweezerman lash curler is the one that fits my eyes best.

  7. I use all but silk pillowcase

  8. I want all of these! My mom always used an eyelash curler and it’s one of the things she always said was so important.

  9. Brittany Bertolozzi-Vantrease says

    These are great tips! I’m leaning closer to that older woman line. *sob*

  10. These are some excellent picks.

  11. Felecia Monique says

    Definitely need a good eyeshadow primer! I couldn’t figure out WHY my eyeshadows were never poppin!!

  12. Brittany Clark-Charnley says

    I definitely need some of those items! Especially the eye lash curler! My lashes need some work! HA

  13. I am really glad you presented the Tweezer Curl 38 my eyelash curler is considered an antique.I also really like the Boss+Brow kit I will soon be upgrading to both of these lovely products.

  14. 💄

  15. Sooo helpful! Thank you! I have noticed my needs for my skin are dramatically changing, so it’s not shocking my make-up is going to need to change too.

  16. 1alwaysnyc1 says

    An eye lash curler and mascara were all I used to need. In my forties, a brow pencil and eyeliner were thrown into the mix. My daughter has a silk pillowcase but I haven’t picked one up yet. I also love my microneedler.

  17. Bindu Thomas says

    very helpfull. These are all great. Thanks for sharing.