Aivisbel Brush and Cosmetic Case!

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You may have seen in some of my Instagram posts that I was in Nashville, TN recently, if not head over to I want to tell you about how the Aivisbel Brush and Cosmetic Case made my life so much easier!

I am a terrible over packer and I usually end up with waaaaay too much makeup scattered over several different makeup bags. This time, I used my Aivisbel and was organized. PLUS I had one place to keep everything and didn’t keep having to search for that one elusive eyeliner that was in one of four different bags! Watch this short video!

Aivisbel $29.99 is a majorly helpful tool for traveling to help keep your brushes and various products organized, as opposed to throwing everything together in one big disorganized mess. It’s the first ever cylindrical cosmetic case that keeps your makeup brushes and sponges separate in one sleek container! All of the pieces easily screw together for quick and secure containing. This travel case is made of a durable acrylic-like plastic making cleaning up any spilled product super easy!

Watch this short video!

I know some people have a special travel brush set, but they are never as good as the brushes you use at home so I like to travel with my favorite brushes that I know get the job done. Like my IT Cosmetics Complexion Perfection Brush which is quite large and bulbous, a big fluffy powder brush and various eyeshadow brushes. If I put them in a makeup bag, they tend to get crushed and smushed and GOOD makeup brushes aren’t cheap, y’all.

The Aivisbel fits even your largest brush plus all the other brushes you need! There are two tall containers so I used the other one for my mascara, eyeliners, face mist, lipglosses, etc,. I had 7 lippies in there, ’cause you know, a girl needs options. Then there are my beauty blenders, which fit perfectly in the small container. Viola, my makeup packing complete! Well, I did take two palettes with me also, but only two is good!

I also found it took up less space in my luggage than four overstuffed makeup bags.

The other thing I really like about Aivisbel is that when I get to my destination, I already have storage! No more digging through four or more separate bags to find what I want. I had a brush cup, eye makeup cup and blender cup! I was able to set my makeup up and have everything I needed at a glance. And when I’m at home I can still use them–love the pretty pink color!

If you plan on traveling soon, I highly recommend Aivisbel accompanies you on your trip!

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  1. Lola Seicento says

    I need this in my life! It is so clever, and attractive too!

  2. The color alone makes me want this cute set!

  3. Super love the brush case, my wife would make a very good use of it. Will check it for sure, thank you.

  4. I’d love this. I always misuse time when traveling looking for things. Plus I take cups from where I’m staying to store my brushes, liners, etc upright. This would take the place of all of that. Clever product.

  5. What an idea of using this in an organized manner. I would like to buy it for traveling purpose.

  6. all_the_words025 says

    Wow, I’m impressed with how much it holds!

  7. Shannon Graham says

    That is such a great way to stay organized. Plus, it looks really cute too!

  8. I love my sponges so this is awesome!


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