Anastasia of Beverly Hills Greatest Hits – Kisses on My List Holiday 2012

As I get older (and lazier) I’m starting to prefer lip glosses to lipsticks–as long as they have good pigment. Lip glosses don’t take as lip prep as lipsticks do and I can just slick on a gloss and go.

Anastasia of Beverly Hills, one of my VERY favorite brands for the over 40 woman has a fantastic lip gloss set for Holiday2012. The Kisses On My List lip gloss set Volume 2 is FAB-U-LOUS! I love lip gloss sets for holiday gift giving–no fit issues, there is surely a few colors that work for everyone and what woman doesn’t love lip gloss? Especially these beautiful colors and the cute packaging! I was a goner after taking one look at the pretty shiny colors, but what really sealed the deal was the Hall & Oates 80’s song the set the named after.

(Because your kiss) Your kiss is on my list
(Because your kiss) Your kiss is on my list
Because your kiss is on my list of the best things in life
(Because your kiss) Your kiss is on my list
(Because your kiss) Your kiss I can’t resist
Because your kiss is what I miss when I turn out the light

This set includes 6 Hydrafull glosees, two cremes and four shimmers. The shades range from nudes, to pinks and even some soft corals–yay!  I love the wider “paddle” applicator in the Hydrafull glosses, it makes application a breeze and quite precise for a gloss. Three of the shades are the new HYPERCOLOR technology.  They are brighter and leave a slight stain behind making them longer lasting. Last year’s Holiday set completely sold out, so I wouldn’t wait too long to grab this.

The shade names take me back to my high school days–all 70’s Rock n Roll–no rap but TRUE rock n’ roll baby! Muh, muh, my SharonaJolene, La la la la LolaMaggie May, Roxxxxxxxxxxanne Roxanne, and Moi. Yeah, you had to have been there.

  • Moi is a beautiful opaque neutral medium  beige pink/peach creme.  Good pigmentation and very wearable for all skin tones.
  • Maggie May is another creme and is a light pinky beige shade.  Not as pigmented as Moi but also wearable.
  • Sharona is a gorgeous shimmery peach/coral shade.  The shimmery shades have less pigment than the creme formula but still deposit some color.
  • Lola is a bright shimmery cool pink with a lavender undertone. New Hypercolor formula. It makes me wish cool toned lippies looked better on me.
  • Jolene is a warm shimmery baby pink.  New Hypercolor formula
  • Roxanne is a rosy shade with gold shimmer. New Hypercolor formula

L to R: Moi (my fav), Maggie May, Sharona, Lola, Jolene and Roxanne.

This is good mix of warm and cool shades along with shimmer and creme formulas. No need to worry about the shimmer beauties, it is very subtle, not at all chunky and adds a nice dimension to the lips.

While I wouldn’t  say these are color dense, they definitely are not invisible either and give a nice color to the lips plus lots of shine.  They have a slight stickiness that gives them a little boost of lasting power and they feel cushiony on the lips. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Kisses On My Lips Volume 2  retails for $30 and  is available at The other holiday release is the eye shadow palette Want You To Want Me (review coming in the next few days).

Overall: a great set of glosses with a thoughtful mix of creme and shimmer finishes. Six full size glosses for $30 is an excellent value and the set makes a wonderful gift.

Prime Beauty Grade: B+

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