As You Wish with Fortune Cookie Soap’s 2016 Fall Box

Fortune Cookie Soap Box Fall 2016 "As You Wish"

Purchased by me 

Fall, my favorite time of year, is less than a month away. I love everything about fall, from the fashion to football, and all the pumpkin spiced craziness in between. But mostly, I’m over it being 90+ EVERY SINGLE DAY.

The fall party has already started for me with the arrival of my Fortune Cookie Soap 2016 Fall Box, $19.99/quarter, especially with its insanely brilliant theme.

 I don’t know how they do it, but the team at Fortune Cookie Soap really made all my dreams come true with As You Wish.  This homage to all things The Princess Bride is perfection in soap, moisturizer, perfume, and much more. It kind of makes me want to watch the movie over and over again.

Fortune Cookie Soap Box Fall 2016

As usual, the product names and descriptions are both funny and charming. They remind me of so many of my favorite scenes from the movie. The only thing missing from the treasure trove of goodies, a Westley of my very own. A girl can dream…

 Soap & Hand Sanitizer

 Two staples of every FCS Soap Box are the Fortune Cookie Soap and the OCD Hand Sanitizer. I always look forward to receiving these full-size items.

Fortune Cookie Soap Drop. Your. Sword.

“Drop. Your. Sword.” – Fortune Cookie Soap

TO THE PAIN! Well, maybe not the pain…but at least you can rejuvenate your senses and challenge your adversaries with this aromatic blend of medieval honey apply mead.


OCD Hand Sanitizer Prepare to Die

“Prepare to Die” – OCD Hand Sanitizer

Hello, little germies, my name is hand sanitizer…prepare to die! A warm blend of fresh baked cookie dough spiced with clove and saffron, that’ll clean all five or six of your fingers!

I’m not sure what medieval honey apple mead is, and I don’t care. All I know is the Drop. Your. Sword FCS smells amazing. And don’t worry, the glitter doesn’t stick to your hands after washing. The Prepare to Die OCD is also a box favorite. This season’s scent sanitizes your hands and makes me want to eat cookies all at the same time.

Bath/Shower Products

 Steam Me Up Scotty! Pit of Despair

“Pit of Despair” – Steam Me Up Scotty!

You won’t want to be rescued from this enticing blend of patchouli, fresh-cut lemongrass and tropical plumeria.  


Buttercup Shampoo

“Buttercup” – Shampoo

From common to queen – or at least princess status…your hair will gleam like a crown after just one use! Candied run wrapped with ripe fig, bergamot, vetiver, warm sandalwood and sweet vanilla musk.   

 The only despair I felt from the Steam Me Up Scotty! was knowing it was gone. It made my shower and bathroom smell like a Fall dream. I really liked how well the earthiness of the patchouli and lemongrass mixed with the fruitiness of the plumeria.

This is the first time I’ve tried shampoo from FCS that wasn’t in a bar form.Not only does Buttercup smell incredible, but also does a great job of cleaning my hair. Is it wrong that I want to live inside the bottle?  I might not have the same luscious locks Robin Wright had in the movie, but Buttercup definitely helps me come pretty close.

 Body Moisturizers/Perfume

Whipped Cream Body Butter Mostly Dead

“Mostly Dead” – Whipped Cream Body Butter

Feeling dead to the world? Don’t worry, Miracle Max has seen worse, and it just so happens that you’re feeling only MOSTLY dead. Golden honey drizzled over toasted almonds and pumpkin puree, warmed with amber, is just the aromatic miracle you’re looking for. Think it will work? It will take a miracle!

 Perfume Oil Inconceivable 

“Inconceivable” – Perfume Oil

What could be more inconceivable than fall woods, black amber and poached pears topped with whipped vanilla cream? It will have your shouting INCONCEIVABLE!

 Another product I always look forward to seeing in my box is the Whipped Cream Body Butter. Mostly Dead is a strange name for a body butter, even if it does recall one of the funniest scenes from the movie. Regardless, it’s scent is heavenly. Each time I wear it, I feel like I’m in a Fall dream filled with pumpkin puree, amber, and toasted almonds.

My fall dream never has to end thanks to the Inconceivable Perfume Oil. It’s like being transported to the perfect fall day where I’m walking through a forest filled with the ambers and golds of the changing leaves. Inconceivable? Not at all.

 Fun New Products

 Scented Cotton Ball Mawaige

 “Mawiage” –  Scented Cotton Ball

Mawiage is wot bwings us togeva today – a perfect mawiage of rich pound cake, scented with cardamom. Pistachio, and rosewater topped with creamy buttercream…that is.  

 Facial Cleansing Oil True Love

“True Love”– Facial Cleansing Oil

This is true love! You think this happens every day? A sparkling blend of fresh citrus, creamy jasmine petals and a dash of sea salt.   

 Facial Moisturizer Knight Cream

“Knight Cream”– Facial Moisturizer

The unscented moisturizer will stand watch all night and protect your skin from dryness and shrieking eels.   

 So I know I’ve been using the word love a lot when it comes to the Fortune Cookie Fall Soap Box, but I can’t help it. This season’s selections are just that good. I was excited to see some fun new extras this time around as well. The True Love Oil and Night Cream are incredible. I’m already a huge fan of facial oils. Not only does True Love have a lovely scent, but also does a great job of cleansing my skin. It even removed my eye makeup without irritation. The Knight Cream also delivers on its promise hydrate and protect skin. I love that it’s fragrance-free so those pesky shrieking eels keep away.

By far, the weirdest product in the box is Mawaige. What exactly is a scented cotton ball supposed to do? Yes, it smells exceedingly good, but what do I do with it? Use it to scent my drawers or purse? I’m hoping this will be revealed in the upcoming launch party on August 26th.

Bottom line: If you’ve read any of my Fortune Cookie Soap Box Reviews in the past, then you already know how much I love this quarterly subscription.  At $19.99, it is more than worth the 4x a year investment. As a bonus, FCS has amazing customer service. My perfume oil came broken and they kindly sent me a new one right away. I can’t wait for the Fall Launch party when I can see the reveal of all the fall products and use my $10 off coupon, which comes with every Soap Box.

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  1. Taylor Smith says

    Ok I was laughing throughout this entire post. Princess Bride is my all time favorite movie. I need this box.

  2. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    Very cute post, and the theme for this box is terrific.

  3. Cassandra B. @PoweredbyBLING says

    Hilarious names for these products. This would make a great Halloween themed gift basket!

  4. The scents you describe sound heavenly. I am ready for Fall too!

  5. This post reminded me that I want to order from them!!

  6. What fantastic scents they are using! The theme is crazy awesome, and it takes come clever people to make that work!

  7. This looks like a fun theme box. I love them using the name Mostly Dead!

  8. What a cool box of goodies! I think that soap is adorable, it doesn’t even look like a soap. I agree, what can you do with a cotton ball? Maybe it’s a make-up remover of some sort?

  9. Amanda Love says

    Sounds like you’re pretty happy with what you got for this quarter! I would be happy as well, these products are awesome and adorable!

  10. I love the theme!

  11. I love that you used a fortune cookie to make this example. That is really me I never seen anything like it and especially for that price – that’s amazing!

  12. This box sounds amazing. If I liked fragranced products I’d be purchasing it for sure.

  13. Cynthia @craftoflaughter says

    What a different kind of collection! The products look and sound like it would be a great product to try

  14. Lol!!! One of the best movies of all time! So do you get a box every month or just every quarter. I love subscription boxes.

  15. I never heard of the Fortune Cookie soap box. This is definitely different from all of the other sub boxes I have ever seen and I like that they keep with the theme.

  16. I’ve never heard of the Fortune Cookie soap subscription box before. These products look pretty cool, and I loved how they had a theme! How neat!

  17. Karla Ramos says

    I love the names of those items, it feels like they could go hand in hand with my adventures! I really like unboxing/describing box contents like this.

  18. I have never heard of a soap box subscription box, but I do love subscription boxes. This is a great niche.

  19. says

    This is a subscription box my teen daughter would love. She is all about lotions and creams right now.

  20. Wendy Polisi says

    I love subscription boxes, but I have to admit that this is one that I’ve never heard of. This looks like a fun one!

  21. Shannon Graham says

    Very interesting! I’ve never heard of this before and would LOVE to start getting one. I use soap like mad around my house.

  22. Michelle Myers says

    What a super fun box! Subscription boxes are such a delight, it makes trips to the mailbox way more fun!

  23. Rose Pingol says

    Wow, I always wanted to receive a subscription box. That one is a nice box! I love the fortune cookie soap.

  24. I love everything about the fall too, especially tights and boots. This looks like a great product that I would be curious to try.

  25. Nicole Etolen says

    Halloween is coming! I love this subscription box. I like the scented cotton.

  26. Nikki Wayne says

    I love this subscription box, so much nice products that I haven’t tried before!

  27. Does that hand sanitizer have glitter in it? My kids have subscription boxes but I have never tried them before. They product line up looks awesome.

  28. Fall is my favorite season as well. I just hate the season that comes after it! By the way, I have never heard of this company until now, but I like what I see. I’d love to try that “True Love” Facial Cleansing Oil. It looks and sounds amazing! – HilLesha

  29. What fun products!! I am so with you on being over the weather being 90+ every single day!!

  30. This is such an intriguing box. I really want to try it!

  31. rika agustini says

    I’ve never heard of this subscription box before.. Sounds like a great subscription!

  32. CourtneyLynne Storms says

    Ooooo what great products!!!! I have never heard of them, but hafter reading this I must try!

  33. This box spells fun! It’s the first time for me to see this and I’m wishing we have that here.


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