Avon Mega Effects Mascara Review, Pics, Before and After

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As you probably know by now, I am somewhat of a mascara maven. If I had to go out of the house with only one makeup item on (heaven forbid) it would be mascara. My lashes are naturally fairly long, but the top lashes are very light so I need mascara so you can actually see them! I’m hoping Avon Mega Effects mascara will do the trick!

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Avon has a new mascara called Mega Effects that promises long, dark, dramatic lashes. Let’s see if it’s lives up to the hype. The brush is definitely innovative; it’s been touted as a mascara revolution. The “brush” is actually a comb that resembles a paint brush. It’s curved to match the natural shape of the eye and to reach lashes in the inner and outer corners. The bristles vary in length and are crisscrossed at the top of the comb to hold more mascara. It supposed holds 40% more mascara to coat each and every lash.

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I have to tell you about the packaging because it really frustrates me. I had trouble opening the container and was finally able to pop the top off the red cap. The, you need to pull hard to get the “paint brush” out of the cover. The handle has an indentation for your thumb to make it easier to grasp–I do appreciate that, but the fact that the handle is hinged of no use.

Using this unique brush takes some finesse and a real learning curve. Although it does allow you to get right to the lash line, the first time I used it I got dots of mascara all over my upper lid. I can’t seem to get the hang of reaching the lashes on the inner corner of my eye either, it could my eye shape, I don’t know.

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Avon Mega Effects let me down. The brush is okay but the formula is too wet which makes it tend to clump even with just one coat. By the end of the  day I had flaking under my eyes and the lack of volume and length achieved were disappointing.

Bottom Line: I really think Avon Mega Effects mascara is something you either love or hate and I’m in the latter camp. Okay, that’s a little harsh, I don’t hate it but I wouldn’t repurchase it when there are far superior mascaras available at the drugstore.

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  1. agreed. great review, though. i appreciate the head’s up!

  2. I think this is a product that is over-designed. It’s as if they set out to re-invent how to apply mascara which seems unnecessary. I’ve seen photos of this but haven’t seen it in person, and I’ve been curious about it. In photos, it looks like an instrument of torture to me! I think you did a great job applying it…just a couple of lower lashes that looked a bit stuck together. All in all, it looks like way too much work to use. And how do you store it…or take it with you? I won’t be buying this one. Thanks for the good, honest review!

  3. I keep seeing this, I want to try but I’m afraid to lol. I have a feeling I’m going to end up combing my eyeball!

  4. Thanks for your review. I’ve been curious about this product.

  5. Nice review! I have this and like it a lot. The mascara “jumps” onto my lashes. I agree, it is a very wet formula, but when it dries it stays around, not much flaking. I hold the brush perpendicular, and use the end to get the inner lashes. I do like the way the brush bends also. I find that it is getting easier to pull out with repeated use.

  6. I have this mascara. I do not like this mascara! I purchased it because I read reviews that it deposited mascara right at the last line- well, it does that, as well as all over my eyelid. I could live with a bit of clean up if the formula was amazing. But it flakes on me super quickly. It is very black and very thick but the flaking kills it for me.