bareMinerals 35 years of Love and Happiness Collection

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Happy Birthday bareMinerals! Wow how time flies–can you beleive bareMinerals has been around 35 years? Me neither! To celebrate, they are releasing this special 35 years of Love and Happiness 6-pc. makeup collection. I love both kits and palettes because they take the guess work out of what to pair with what. Believe me at 5:30 in the morning, I need no-brainer makeup and the Love and Happiness collection provides just that.

The Collection includes:

  • Prime Time Brightening Sunlight Eyelid Primer
  • Queen Phyllis Matte Eyecolor
  • Big & Bright Eyeliner in Oz
  • Love Radiance All-Over Face Color
  • Best Friend Lip Balm
  • A cute little “xox” charm–I think I’ll put this on my purse 🙂

Let me just say, I love this set–it’s perfect for a polished put-together look as well as casual weekends. 
Prime Time Brightening Sunlight Eyelid Primer – I love this shade! It’s a shimmery peach that can be worn alone, or as an eyeshadow base to intensify any shade of shadow and help it last longer too.

Queen Phyllis Matte Eyecolor– a butter yellow with a pretty sheen. Although classified as a matte–I didn’t find it be chalky or without depth. I know I will get a lot of use of of this eyeshadow–it makes a great base shadow and a great neutral to play off brighter eyeliner–like the Big and Bright Eyeliner in Oz!

Big and Bright Eyeliner in Oz
– smooth and creamy, this glimmery emerald green eyeliner makes eyes twinkle. The combination of Queen Phyllis eye shadow and Oz eyeliner really makes eye glisten and gleam!

Oz on top, Prime Time Sunlight on bottom

Love Radiance All Over Face Color – a beautiful shimmery peachy pink powder that can be used as a blush, as well as eyes and cheeks. The perfect shade for summer, it imparts a lovely warm glow to cheeks or for an all over radiance.

Best Friend Lip Balm – a sheer moisturizing balm in a raspberry shade with a bit more purple than most raspberry shades. At first I wondered if this particuliar color really coordinated with the rest of the collection–I would have expected something in a peach or coral. However, Best Friend is just what the collection needed for that pop of color to freshen the entire look. The balm feels wonderful and is surprising long lasting for a lip balm.
Swatches of the entire collection:

And the complete look:

bareMinerals 35 Years of Love and Happiness Collection is the ideal solution for a quick, pretty and easy peasy summertime look! Love & Happiness is available now at and at Bare Escentuals boutiques.

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  1. I had absolutely no idea that BareMinerals had been around for 35 years, wow.

    I’m a huge fan of kits, they make things so much easier.

  2. You look absolutely radiant in the picture. You ONLY look 35 years old!!!

  3. Just had to leave a comment, you look beautiful!