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Led by a team of beauty-obsessed executives, Baseblue Cosmeticslaunched in 2018 to be the go-to source for the latest beauty trends and “must-have” essentials, from applicators to makeup. 

Baseblue cosmetics

The brand was kind enough to send me an assortment of beauty tools to play with. Let’s start with the bests-selling AirSponge Full Coverage $7.85.
This squishy beauty tool is great for creating medium to heavy makeup applications with all formulations including creams, liquids, powder foundations and concealers. 

Baseblue AirSponge Full Coverage
Baseblue AirSponge Full Coverage

When wet, the AirSponge Full Coverage delivers the most coverage because its foam cells absorb water to keep product at the surface while blocking formula buildup inside the sponge. Easily layer and apply foundation with the bottom end to attain a heavier coverage look without a cakey appearance, and use the pointed tip to maneuver around small crevices with precision.

Baseblue AirSponge

The AirSponge $6.75. This hydrophilic beauty tool swells in size when wet to prevent absorption and product waste from foundations, liquids, powders and creams when applied to the sponge. After contouring and blending like a pro, simply clean the ultra-soft cosmetic applicator with soap and water and leave it to air dry until next use.

Baseblue Flying Lashes

Flying Lashes Redstart $11.75. These are the perfect lashes for falsie newbies. The flexible elastic band conforms to any eye shape and is decorated lightly with faux mink fibers for those who prefer a shorter, dainty look. They are good for 20 times of wear and easily come off with an oil-based makeup remover. Store in the two-sided case for optimal convenience. All Flying Lashes are 100% handmade and crafted with mink fibers for a natural look.

Baseblue Holiday Snowman Sponge

Holiday Snowman Sponge $9.99. Encased in a plastic gold glitter ornament, Mr. Snowman is wearing a Santa Hat! This limited-edition makeup sponge is the perfect stocking stuffer for the winter season. Designed to absorb water and expand in size when damp, the Holiday Snowman Makeup Sponge performs well dry and ascends in performance when wet to reduce product buildup. He’s ready and able to help you with your special holiday makeup!

I also received this lovely Baseblue brush as a freebie. It has a short handle which I prefer and soft synthetic bristles.

The brand promises to continually develop innovative products that stretch the artistic imagination of consumers and professional makeup artists alike.

Bottom Line: Baseblue is a great online resource for makeup tools and products with that extra touch!

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