Bath Bevy Home For the Holidays December Box!

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I introduced you to Bath Bevy back in October and every box I’ve received has been stellar. I confess I do a little happy dance when is see the blue box on my doorstep! The theme of the December box is Home For The Holidays and believe me, you will delight in these warm, comforting scents of the holiday season!


It’s bubble bath in salt form! Enjoy all the benefits of a dead sea salt bath with lots of fluffy bubbles.  Sprinkle as much as you’d like into your hot bath as it fills to agitate the water and enjoy!  This lovely scent begins with top notes of orange peel and cranberry sauce, flowing nicely into middle notes of cinnamon sticks and freshly ground cloves; with base notes of evergreen and pinecones. This is such a warm and comforting winter scent! I like to use the bath salts when my feet and legs are tired after a long day at work. Use code HOLIDAYto save 10% off at

CINNAMON ROLL BUBBLE BAR by YoursTruly By JadenThis adorable bubble bar is scented in a mouth-watering combination of cinnamon, brown sugar and drizzled icing.  Good for 2-4 baths!  To use this solid bubble bath either hold or crumble a piece under your running bath water for fluffy bubbles. I broke mine in two, but in full disclosure, I wanted to eat the other half! I love the thick, rich bubbles too! Use code Bevy18 to save 10% on ETSY: YoursTrulyJaden

LOVED WELLNESS CANDLE by Bee Lucia Wellness Candles

Light this healing Wellness Candle to create a compassionate environment that cultivates love, renewal and positivity.  The refreshing mint and loving, gentle energy of rose quartz complement each other to create space for purifying and opening the heart, restoring trust and healing capacity.  Bits of rose quartz are sprinkled on top on this fresh peppermint candle which emits a delightful scent when burned. Matches are included! Use code BATHBEVYto save 20% at


One of our Founder’s favorite scents: Frangipane – Strong almond, rich crème and cherry.  These bath crumbles are made with FIVE different moisturizing oils!  Add as much or as little as you’d like to your bath or add the whole thing to really treat yourself! This has to be my favorite of the box because of the lush scent. This intoxicating fragrance is soft and creamy with a rich almond scent that is reminiscent of marzipan. It also smells to me like an expensive perfume I once owned so I looked up Frangipane and found it is in Coco by Chanel. I also learned Frangipane is also known as Plumeria. I absolutely fell in love with Plumeria on my first visit to Hawaii and bought all the Plumeria scented fragrance and lotion I could find so it’s no wonder I love this scent so much! Use code BEVYSOAK to save 10% at


This adorable snowman bath bomb is scented in a lovely combination of bamboo, teakwood, tayberries, blackberries, mulberries, cloudberries and peaches with hints of red clover and sweetgrass. Another fabulous scent! This one is a fresh, light and clean scent. Use code BODYSHARMONY30 to save 30% of ETSY: BodysHarmony

Bath Bevy offers 1 month ($36.95), 3 month ($35.32) and 6 month ($33.33) subscriptions. Bath Bevy also offers gift subscriptions–a great idea for the upcoming holidays! You can skip a month or cancel at any time. Boxes ship the first week of every month.  You will receive a confirmation email informing you that your box is headed your way and can generally expect to receive it 3-5 days from ship. A subscription is a wonderful gift that will continue to give all year long. Or, pick up a few single items, they make excellent stocking stuffers! Make sure to check out the Bath Bevy website for sale boxes!

Bottom Line: I’m completely delighted with the December Bath Bevy box! The scents are perfect for the holidays and the items are cute and original. Bravo Bath Bevy!


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  1. I would really love that bath salt. They make the bath experience so comforting. Yes. I need that box.

  2. The little snowman is just too adorable for words!


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  2. […] Bath Bevy Home For the Holidays December Box! […]