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OsmosisColour Lipsticks

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A girl can never have enough shoes, or enough lipsticks. And you especially can’t get enough long lasting lipsticks, that also come in a super sleek tube. I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, as it is mentioned in the title after all, but I’m referring to Osmosis+Colour Lipsticks, $22.

If you’re not familiar with Osmosis+Colour, they are the cosmetics division of Osmosis Skincare. As I mentioned in my review of their Lustrous Contour Duo, the company was started by Dr. Ben Johnson, who wanted to create a line of products that were clinically proven, natural solutions made in the USA.

Osmosis+Colour Lipsticks, .14oz – $22

The Osmosis+Colour Lipstick line comes in 8 shades. I was sent two to try, First Kiss, a rosy pink, and Passion, a bright fuchsia.  These lipsticks are designed to be long-lasting and flatter all skin tones. Formulated with emollient oils and antioxidants, including Castor Oil, Green Tea and Vitamin E, they are meant to have a creamy, texture and keep your lips protected from the elements.

First Kiss

First Kiss



Of the two colors, Passion was my favorite. I do love my bright colors, and Passion is one of those shades you can wear all year long. Unfortunately, First Kiss didn’t work on my skin tone. While it swatched on my arm as a rosy pink, on my lips it looked more like a washed out nude. Despite that one issue, both lipsticks had incredible lasting power, even through drinking and eat. I love how even as Passion wore throughout the day, it left my lips with a nice berry stain.

Osmosis Colour Lipstick Swatches

Osmosis Colour First Kiss Lip Swatch

First Kiss

Osmosis Colour Passion Lip Swatch


My two other favorite aspects of these lipsticks, were the packaging and the antioxidant properties of the formulation. The sleek tubes are perfect for carrying with you in your makeup bag, purse or for travel. As for the antioxidant properties, I adore it when my lipstick does double duty of not only make my lips pop with color, but also protects them with beneficial ingredients.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find the formulation of the lipsticks to be as creamy as I would have liked. They felt a tad bit waxy, but I’m wondering if this is due to the fact that they are formulated to be Oncology Friendly. Essentially, this means the lipsticks are safe for cancer patients to use, as it won’t irritate their very sensitive skin or cause unwanted reaction. If this is the reason why the formulation feels different and not as creamy as I would like, I don’t mind at all. Cancer patients should be able to indulge in makeup and feel beautiful, especially while they are going through treatment. I applaud Osmosis for taking this into consideration.

Bottom Line: At $22, for .14 oz., the Osmosis+Colour Lipsticks are a bit on the pricey side, but thanks to ingredients like Vitamin E and Green Tea, they are more than worth it. With slim packaging and eight colors to choose from, ranging from nudes to bright and vampy, you’re sure to find a color you’ll love to keep with you no matter where the day or night takes you.

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  1. I really like both of those shades. They are very pretty.

  2. Roxanne Ferber says

    Really love that color first kiss! Gorgeous!

  3. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    I got a lipstick from Stowaway Cosmetics that’s very similar to First Kiss. It’s definitely a shade that’s not for everyone, and prior to receiving it, I seldom wore that shade. But it has grown on me as it has a Julie Christie look about it. Passion looks lovely. I wear the two Osmosis lipsticks that I picked out all the time. They really do last!

  4. Oh! Those colors are nice! I wish they had something darker for this season. The First Kiss is beautiful!

  5. I love the lighter color but I really should try something bolder. I will have to look into these.

  6. I am a lipstick hoarder! I have not tried this brand, but I will look for it next time I go to splurge on more make-up. Which I’m sure will be this weekend! haha

  7. Di Hickman says

    I have recently got some great lipsticks from Pacifica, I’m in LOVE with their products lately! These look great though!

  8. Debra Hawkins says

    Those colors are amazing! I love the first kiss one!

  9. I love lip products. I have so many. But you can never have enough.

  10. maria @ close to home says

    What a great lipstick. Looks like it will stay on during the holidays I so need a new winter color

  11. Karlyn Flores says

    what a cute colors. I love this Lipsticks i wish i could have this

  12. These look fabulous. i need.

  13. amotherworld says

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen/heard of this brand before! I love the Passion shade, it’s gorgeous!

  14. Both of those colors are very pretty. I love how they look on you!

  15. Ohhh first kiss looks amazing!

  16. Laura Londergan says

    I so love that hot pink color & I am such a lipstick junkie – love them!

  17. I love that hot pink color. Nudes can be tricky to match undertones. I have a pink undertone, and so many nude lippies just make me look dead.

  18. Chelley Martinka says

    I LOVE those colors! The price is high, but I agree, the addition of vitamin E is so worth it!

  19. The color of the First Kiss is one of my favorite, I like it for my everyday makeup. Passion also looks pretty. Love your lippies.

  20. The formula sounds great! I like the look of First Kiss.

  21. You are right about not having too many lipsticks! I seem to misplace mine all over the place. But that means I can pretty much pick one up anywhere – my purse, desk, car, computer case, bathroom cabinets. LOL- I have them all around. I love the long lasting formulas.

  22. I’ve been really curious about Osmosis makeup now that I’ve seen my favorite bloggers post about it!

  23. Ourfamilyworld says

    This is the first time I heard about the Osmosis brand. I love the first kiss shade.

  24. Oh i love those! First Kiss caught my eye immediately but then Passion looks so cute on too!

  25. This look really pretty! I love the colors!

  26. I like your bigger pictures. It makes it so much easier to see what you are writing about. I have First Kiss and I’m really enjoying it. Passion is beautiful though brighter than my style.

  27. CourtneyLynne Storms says

    Omg loving these lipsticks!!!! That pink would look great on me 😉

  28. Stephanie Pass says

    Those are such beautiful colors! I can’t decide if I like First Kiss or Passion better.

  29. I really like the first kiss one. It’s a nice soft nude that would be perfect for any occasion.

  30. Lexie Pyfrom says

    Oh how pretty! I love these shades too!

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