Beauty Hack: How I give my collection a seasonal refresh!

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Beauty Refresh

by Blythe

 It’s spring. The tulips are beginning to bloom, and soon the temperatures will warm. For many, this also ushers in the annual task of spring cleaning. Usually this entails, cleaning out your closet, putting away winter gear and airing out the house. It’s a daunting task, and unless you’re Marie Kondo, probably not the most fun.

One area many people might neglect is their beauty or makeup collection. We often forget that our products have expiration dates. And, we also can forget about favorite seasonal products we haven’t used in awhile. When I started blogging and acquiring more products, I noticed my collection was becoming a bit disorganized, and some of my previous favorite items were being neglected. Then I came up with an idea to address the problem. It’s a beauty/organization hack I’m about to share with you today.

Meet my small, seasonal beauty organizer. (I bought mine at Marshalls, but you can also find a similar type item at TJMaxx, Amazon, Overstock, HomeGoods, Kohls, Target, or Even though I have a larger drawer system organizer, I wanted something smaller to put seasonal items in, especially favorites or products with approaching expiration dates.

Small Makeup Organizer

I keep this unit in front of my larger organizer. It forces me to use these products before digging around in my drawers. It also forces me to go through my collection every season and throw out expired products, do a quick re-org, and to donate or pass along on anything I’m not using. In fact, I recently donated some gently used products to a local women’s shelter. It was nice to be able to help out other women in some way, even if was only with beauty items. If you have gently used or new, opened products, you can do the same by doing a google search for local shelters.

You might think, “ack, yuck, kill me now,” this seasonal refresh sounds too daunting, but it honestly only takes me about 15 minutes. If you have a larger collection, or are more indecisive, it might take you longer. Maybe I’m cuckoo, but I also find it fun. It’s like going shopping every few months, without spending any money. Unless, I decide I need new products, which of course we all do. I also like the sense of accomplishment I feel when my beauty goodies are organized. It gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling. Like I said, cuckoo, cuckoo.

Makeup Organization

These small organizers come in many shapes and sizes. Be sure to pick one that works for you and your collection. I choose mine because I liked the style and the three different compartment options. I also like that everything was out in the open and easily accessible.

On the left side of my small organizer I keep face products I want to use up, as well some eye liners, mascaras, or lip pencils or treatments.

Seasonal Face and More Selections

Since I’m a lip junkie, I had to have an organizer with plenty of lippie room. As you can see in the middle I have nine places to fill with seasonal lipsticks, lip crayons and glosses.

Seasonal Lip Selection

On the right side of the organizer are three shelves. This is where I keep my seasonal palette choices, blushes, primers or other items that I prefer to lay flat.

Seasonal Eyes and Face Selections

I started using this system around last summer, and it really has been a game changer. I’ve become more conscious of the amount of product I have, expiration dates, as well as what I use and don’t use the most, and what I need to and don’t need to purchase. My next task to tackle; actually ordering a new large beauty organizer system, which was a gift from Hanukkah. Yes, even us organized girls can be indecisive sometimes.

How do you keep your beauty products organized? How often do you refresh/shop your collection?

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  1. I love going through all the products I have! I try to make sure that none are out-of-date, because I once got a terrible eye infection by using old mascara! Now I’m super cautious!!

    • I’m really bad about getting rid of mascaras because I tend to have so many samples. But I’ve gotten better. An eye infection doesn’t sound like fun.

  2. Well that is a really good idea! I don’t have a whole lot of products, so I can’t do this yet, but I am slowly building, and can definitely see how I might need these tips in the future 🙂

  3. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    I almost picked up two organizers yesterday at Homegoods that are similar to the lipstick and multi product organizers you’re showing us. But I realized that the little two drawer box that I’ve got actually holds more so I passed. My problem is not having enough room on my bathroom vanity.

  4. Looks like a great way to organize!

  5. OnceUponADollhouse says

    The dolls are so obsessed with cleaning right now. Our makeup really needs a better flow to it and you totally have an answer. I love how the storage containers are clear so you can see the product and easily accessible.

  6. What a great way to organize!

  7. Cristina @triathlonmami says

    OMG. I love those cases. It would make life so much easier. Right now I have everything in one little pouch, or two, or three in no particular order!

  8. Oh my goodness, I absolutely love this system of keeping things they need to be used up on side of your organizer. I tend to keep mine all mixed together and then forget I have things :/

  9. I definitely need to go through my make-up and throw out some of the old stuff and bring a few new things in! I love this organizer!

  10. I just bought a bunch or organizers and filled them up, lol! NEED more!

  11. I have more makeup than I can use up in my lifetime… I need to do something like this so that I ‘shop my stash’ and find seasonal or unused lovelies to use up!

  12. I just did a HUGE spring cleaning beauty purge and went to the store today to get a bunch of organization stuff!

  13. I’m always digging around in drawers even though I have organizers. It is refreshing at times to toss things that have collected dust and aren’t “me” anymore.

  14. That’s a great way to organize your favorites/most used! I need to adapt something like this. Thanks for the inspiration.

  15. I’ve been wanting to get organizers like this for a long time now. Right now I just keep everything in boxes and containers, sorted by type of product.

  16. jillconyers says

    Reorganizing is a great way to refresh and get rid of things you no longer use.

  17. TheNewClassy says

    Those organizers look neat. My daughter’s vanity is a mess, she really needs this so she can finally get organized!

  18. Before kids I had my stuff organized in jars and pretty containers but now that I have kids and all of this takes a backseat I haven’t gotten anything to organize!

  19. I have acrylic organizers. I just buy another one, as my collection expands. I suppose, after a while I’ll have to stop buying cases and start purging. Eeek!

  20. I should keep my beauty products better organized but I don’t. I travel so much it feels like that the ones I use just stay in a bag. But since I’m slowing down on traveling I should get them organized!

  21. Karissa Ancell says

    I need to go through my makeup and beauty supplies. I don’t have a lot but some of it is probably expired.

  22. Debra Hawkins says

    I just bought one on Amazon and I absolutely love it! It keeps everything organized and at my finger tips!

  23. Organizing! I dont wear any makeup (lip gloss at best!), but I love seeing posts about organizing things! It feels so good to get things put where they belong and not all in one big mess!

  24. I have a few acrylic organizers, but I have to be careful to not put out too much of my stuff because my daughter will think it’s a free for all.

  25. Great organization. I have a few acrylic organizers but I want more and more compartments.

  26. Great organization! My stuff is just a mess.

  27. I have the most disorganized makeup drawer ever…. and everything you suggest looks like I should implement it! Such good ideas! 🙂

  28. CourtneyLynne Storms says

    I have one of those clear makeup organizers in my bathroom and just love it!!!! Best few dollars I ever spent since I’m now organized

  29. I’ve accumulated so much skin care and make-up that I need to take the time to tidy up my collection. Thanks for the idea! – HilLesha

  30. What a great system! I need to get organized myself as far as my makeup. I just have it all in a cosmetics bag, and I always have to dig what I’m looking for!

  31. Hannah Adkins says

    I think that every season you have to go through and throw out things and rearrange them so they are more organized. It’s a great feeling to have everything all nice and neat again 🙂


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