Beauty Junkees Honors Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Our friends at Beauty Junkees have been committed to supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month since owner Julia’s Aunt Teri was diagnosed over a decade ago. Julia knew she wanted to work with a small foundation that doesn’t have the budget of some of the larger foundations. She had several criteria that were important to her. The foundation must be well-rated by various charity watchdogs to ensure that donations are utilized in an effective way, not just funding a paycheck. Most important to Julia was donating to a foundation that focuses their research on the front side of the disease. Julia chose the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation and 20% of the sales price of a select group of Beauty Junkees products will be donated and the items will ship free.

The products include:

5 pc. In the Pink Mint Lip Gloss Collection-Limited Edition ($21.97). This cute set is only available during October of 2017. These pretty shades of pink gloss are sheer and non-sticky. They are ultra smooth and contain spearmint which has a cooling effect and smells great–no worries though, they don’t sting. Aloe and Vitamin C and E are added for hydration and moisture. They come in a cute little pink bag for dropping into your makeup bag or purse. They are super comfortable to wear and the colors are great!

The collection features:

  • Mint Blossom (Matte Finish) has a mauve plum tint
  • Mint Charming (Shimmer Finish) has a rose mauve pink tint
  • Mint Pink Buff (Matte Finish) has a soft plum tint
  • Mint Pink Satin (Matte Finish) has a soft pink tint
  • Mint Jewel (Shimmer Finish) goes on clear

Although Beauty Junkees describes some of these as matte, they don’t appear matte to me at all which I consider a good thing. Mint Charming has lovely gold shimmer and Mint Pink Satin has a bit of subtle shimmer as well. All the shades will suit many skin tones.

Twilight Dreams Blush & Highlighter Duo ($14.97). The Twilight Dreams blush and highlighter duo combine a dark pink blush with a vibrant ballerina pink highlighter. Both powders have shimmer, giving your cheekbones a luminous glow in addition to the warmth of pink color. Twilight Dreams Blush has a matte pearl finish that works beautifully for porcelain to light skin tones. It combines a matte finish with a subtle fleck of shimmer leaving a soft satin finish with great color payoff. The color is pink with a plum undertone for a gorgeous fall look. Pink Parfait Highlighter is a frosty, icy ballet pink with an iridescent glow that brightens the face. I will pop these into my Beauty Junkees magnetic makeup palette here.

Other items that are being offered for Breast Cancer Awareness Month are a Think Pink Eyeshadow Quad ($19.97) and the Think Pink 2 pc. Teardrop Makeup Sponge Set ($11.97).


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  1. I love these items that help raise awareness for such an important cause like breast cancer. We need to get rid of that disease once and for all.

  2. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    I love the mini gloss bag as a wonderful way to contribute to the Dr. Susan Love Foundation. Yes!

  3. I love companies that honor breast cancer awareness. A good friend of mine from highschool had breast cancer a few years ago. She has now been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. I want to help raise awareness and funds everywhere!

  4. These are beautiful colours and I am happy that they give back.

  5. I wish more companies would donate for breast cancer research, not for awareness. We all know about breast cancer, we need a cure! My grandma is a 94 year old survivor.

  6. I love supporting companies that give back to a good cause especially when it comes to illnesses like breast cancer. The set looks lovely and I hope a lot of people purchase it.

  7. I am so happy to see more and more companies helping out in funding breast cancer research. It’s really important that we support these companies because they can do so much to help find a cure for a disease that takes so many of our loved ones.

  8. I have the highlighters and love them. Such a great and affordable brand. I’m not surprised that Beauty Junkees has come out with BCA items.

  9. I love Beauty Junkees and I like that Julie shares her blessings to this foundation

  10. Lisa Marie Heath says

    Ohh those lip glosses look gorgeous!

  11. Cassie Liz says

    I love supporting companies who get behind great causes. And breast cancer awareness is so important! Great glosses

  12. These are so pretty. I love the beast cancer awareness theme. I will have to check these out

  13. Emily Eileen says

    I really like that blush and highlighter duo. The colors are so pretty and I like the cozy feeling they give off.

  14. I love when companies donate a portion of proceeds to a good cause. Makes me want to buy more.

  15. I love when a company does something great for awareness to such an important topic. These colors are fantastic and I’d love to help support their initiative.

  16. Shelley Polarbelle says

    Those are beautiful products, especially the blush and highlighter set.

  17. I love hearing companies doing their part to eradicate breast cancer. Keep pushing to remove this disease off the face of the earth!


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