Beauty Junkees Pro Contour & Highlighting Makeup Brush Set

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Beauty Junkees

Ever wonder how the models and makeup artists get those chiseled cheekbones and perfect noses? Us everyday beauties can achieve the same Instagram-worthy results with the right tools like Beauty Junkees Pro Contour and Highlighting Makeup Brush Set $24.

The kit is designed for both beginners and professionals. Beauty Junkees Contour Set was designed to make contouring quick and easy, with all the tools needed. Works with your favorite cream or powder contouring palette to achieve a flawless high definition finish.

Beauty Junkees Contour Kit

The set includes pro Sculptor Brush, pro Duo Fiber Brush, pro Highlighter Brush, pro Detailer Brush, and pro Contour Sponge. The synthetic bristles are hypoallergenic for even the most sensitive skin. Copper ferrules with dual crimps and lightweight wood handles ensure strength and durability. The makeup Sponge is latex-free.

Pro Sculptor Brush

pro Sculptor Makeup Brush: Perfect brush to apply your contour in the hollows of your cheeks. The narrow, dense bristles with dome shape for perfect application and blending. I also like this one for applying bronzer around my forehead and jawbone.

Beauty Junkees Pro Detailer

pro Detailer Makeup Brush: Small Precision Brush, an eye shadow size brush with narrow dome- shaped bristles for applying to small features, such as the sides of your nose, under the lower lip, and in the inner corners of eyes. Also use to apply your cream contour products with.

Beauty Junkees Pro Fiber

pro Duo Fiber Makeup Brush: The perfect brush to use when applying your favorite bronzer. Long plus short bristles for feather like application that allows for buildable color and a sheer, flawless finish. Also great for applying high pigment blushes. This brush is my favorite as it gives me an airbrushed look.

Beauty Junkees Pro Highlighter

pro Highlighter Makeup Brush: Best used when applying highlighter to narrow facial features such as the bridge of the nose, tops of the cheekbones, the cupid bow and above the brow. Soft bristles with a small taper point for the perfect application.

Beauty Junkees Sponge

pro Contouring Makeup Sponge: Ideal for blending out any cream products. Flat angled blending sponge creates an airbrushed finish with cream contours; provides flexibility and versatility to your routine. The pointed tip is great for applying concealer in the inner corners of the eye.

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Bottom Line: All the brushes have the perfect density, are soft and easy to handle. I love that they are tapered for precise application. This kit has blown me away! The quality and performance are exceptional and the price is ridiculously affordable!

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