BECCA Après Ski Glow Eye Lights Palette Holiday 2017

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The BECCA Après Ski Holiday 2017 Collection consists of the Après Ski Glow Face Palette ($54) and the Après Ski Glow Eye Lights Palette I have for you today. I am late with this review because I just purchased the eye palette last week when it went on sale at for $29–it was originally $45. Score! Sometimes it pays to wait! Both palettes are limited edition.

The Après Ski Glow Eye Lights Palette was inspired by BECCA’s iconic Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighters. There are seven neutral shades (my jam!) in two creamy finishes: shimmer and satin and they are stunning! This is a ‘glow’ palette so you won’t see any crazy colors just pretty glimmering shades that enhance.

I’d like to talk about the packaging first. The outer box is a pale gold metallic with white frost and the palette itself is a round rose gold metal compact with the same white frost. It really is beautiful and gives off a lovely and elegant winter vibe. There is also a full-size mirror which is always appreciated. The palette is deceiving though because it is oversized compared to the small pans inside–the pans are only  0.5 oz. That doesn’t matter to me now though because it’s $29 instead of $45! Just a mention–the size of the palette may make it more difficult to travel with. The frosty design looks just like the ‘hoar’ frost we get where I live when it gets really really cold.

Shades starting in center and going clockwise:

  • Center-Pearl – satin
  • Moonstone- shimmer
  • Opal- shimmer
  • Topaz- shimmer
  • Toasted Marshmellow- satin
  • Hot Cocoa- satin
  • Rose Quartz- shimmer

L to R: Pearl, Moonstone, Opal & Topaz

L to R: Toasted Marshmellow, Hot Cocoa & Rose Quartz

With the Après Ski Glow Eye Lights Palette you can create a pretty, glowy daytime look or go for a more dramatic look by using Hot Cocoa smoked out on the outer corner. Topaz used wet imparts a beautiful gleaming metallic look. Toasted Marshmellow and Hot Cocoa are new shades and are also the darkest in the palette. The pigmentation of all the shades is great and they can be used wet or dry. The shimmer finish is gorgeous and they blend beautifully! No glitter or chunky texture–all the shades are extremely creamy and the shimmer is age appropriate for over 40 beauties.

A bonus with this palette is that since it was inspired by the Shimmering Skin Perfector Highlighters, at least four  shades can double as highlighters: Pearl, Opal, Moonstone and Pink Quartz. This makes not only makes the palette more versatile but definitely worth the new $29 price point!

For this daytime look I used Pearl on the brow bone, as a lid base and on the inner corner, then I placed Toasted Marshmellow (a great shade) in the crease. I placed Moonstone on the inner third of the lid and Topaz used wet on the other 2/3 of the lid. I lined the upper lash line with Urban Decay Demolition and I put Topaz under the lower lash line.

To amp things up and add more dimension, I built on this basic look by adding Hot Cococa, a mulberry satin to the outer corner of my eyes and put a little under the lower lash line too. I used IT Cosmetics Superhero mascara and Tarte inner rim liner in black.

To complete the lool I added Jane Iredale Blush in Clearly Pink and Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Fuel topped by Beauty Addicts lip gloss in Play. Honestly, I wish I would have chosen a warmer blush but truthfully, I grabbed to first one I saw on my vanity. Yes, I’m a lazy blogger. I do like the way the eye look came out though.

Bottom Line: the BECCA Après Ski Glow Eye Lights Palette is totally worth the new $29 price for a pretty snow angel look!

Update: over the holiday weekend, I saw this palette for the $29 price point at Ulta Beauty, Sephora and more. I don’t know if that was a special weekend price or if the price has been reduced permanently. Fingers crossed!

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  1. I like all of the colors included in this palette. I think this would make a great gift for any make up lover!

  2. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    What a bargain you got on this beautiful palette in “our” favorite shades! Gorgeous holiday or anytime look!

  3. Rebecca Bryant says

    Beautiful Platte. The colors are gorgeous. This would make a great gift for the beauty expert in any family.

  4. I love those colors, and they are perfect for the holiday season, with their light shimmer. Love the way they are packaged too.

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  6. Beautiful packaging, and such wearable shades, and WHAT a great deal! You look gorgeous!

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  8. Melissa Chapman says

    I love the colors in that palette in the container but they look even better on. I will look for these where I shop.

  9. jessica reed says

    I like the shades in the palette! I think I like the opal tone the best. I really don’t know this brand but I want to try it now!

  10. That is a beautiful palette and it looks perfect on you.

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  12. Krystal Butherus says

    What a deal! Most makeups are too overpriced, and makes it difficult to purchase. I like this!

  13. This one definitely makes your eye pop! Love the color and how pigmented it is! It’s worth getting or giving for the Holidays.

  14. Reesa Lewandowski says

    OH these colors are right up my alley, I am always looking for something like this! I need to find this!

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    what pretty colors! there are so many different looks you could do with this!

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    I have never used this brand before, but I have to say I love this palette. I have blue eyes, too, and I think it makes yours just sparkle!

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    I love the iced look of the outer packaging. However, I wish they hadn’t gone with the round shape because it makes it feel a little too close to Tarte for me.

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