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The eyes are the windows to the soul and also the first place to show signs of aging. Dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles and crows feet begin to show up around age 40, sometimes even sooner. With work, kids and errands we women don’t ever seem to get enough sleep. I’m pretty sure I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep since 1992. BECCA Cosmetics is helping us to look like we got a restful 8 hours of sleep even if that’s not the case.

BECCA has a new collection called the Bright Eyes Collection that promises to de-puff, brighten, and set your pretty peepers. There are three new products, each with a different function. The brand has created a comprehensive three-step system to address your aging eyes with both gentle and effective products. Let’s get the 411!

Step 1: BECCA Anti-Aging Undereye Primer ($32). This product is designed to combat the signs of fatigue with ingredients like Caffeine to reduce puffiness, antioxidant Matcha Green Tea and soothing and cooling cucumber. In addition, there are light optic pearls to blur, brighten and de-puff under eye bags. Using this lightweight primer preps your under eye area for smooth and seamless concealer application. Swirl your finger into the compact and pat under eyes and along the orbital bone avoiding the lash line. I have heard other reviewers say that they can’t get much product out of the compact but I didn’t have that problem. You only need a very small amount–just take your ring finger and swirl until you feel the cream warming up and pat on. Using this method you will find it glides on the skin making a perfect canvas for your concealer. You can use this over makeup throughout the day for a refresh!

Step 2: BECCA Under Eye Brightening Corrector ($32). A new shade, Medium to Dark has joined her sister Light to Medium. This full-coverage corrector instantly brightens the appearance of under eye darkness and lifts with light. The formula contains pearls with peachy undertones to neutralizes darkness under and around eyes. What I love most is that this concealer does NOT crease, especially when you set it with Step #3! The light to medium shade has a pinky tone and does wonders for brightening. The texture is very soft and fluffy, so I find it works best to apply with fingers or a mini sponge rather than a brush. Hello Bright Eyes!

Step 3: BECCA Under Eye Brightening Setting Powder ($25.00). I love this feather-soft powder! It’s formulated with antioxidant raspberry stem cells and Australian berries to keep hydrated. Not only does it set your concealer, it also has light reflecting particles to brighten the under eye area. I use a small fluffy brush to sweep a little under the eyes. The two-sided container has a sifter on one side and can be locked to prevent the powder from falling out. If you’re into ‘baking’ your under eye area, this is a lovely powder for that because it is so lightweight. I’ve even used it on my T-zone.

Before and After: I applied all three steps to my right eye and used just my regular concealer on my left eye. You can see the right eye is smoother and my eye bag is less pronounced. Granted the BECCA Bright Eyes Collection is not going to produce drastic results like an eye lift would, however, I think this is a pretty good result. If you can’t or don’t want to buy all three products, I suggest the anti-aging primer to fill in fine lines and create a smooth surface for concealer. And say hello to bright eyes!

Tips: I’m sure you’ve heard of (or seen) the makeup technique of ‘baking’ it’s all over YouTube. Trust me beauties, you don’t want to ‘bake’ your under eye area after 40–all that powder will just settle into the fine lines. Use a light hand with concealer too–no need to make a HUGE triangle under your eyes. At our age, we cannot expect to turn back the hands of time, but if you use both concealer and powder sparingly and a smoothing primer like the one mentioned above and you’ll get a good outcome and maybe trick Father Time a bit.

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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    I’d be happy even with the cool triple container that they come in. And I’d use the concealers as shadows too. What a neat set!

  2. Lola Seicento says

    I’d say this delivers real results! I would definitely use this set!

  3. I love that you talk about baking. I have never been able to get baking to not look creased or caked so I have always skipped that step. The first product sounds right up my alley, I love cooling cucumber.

  4. Oh these look like they are very luscious on the eyes. I like the color of the concealer it give just that little bit of color.

  5. I am very much interested in the primer! Also, I have that peachy corrector and I love it.

  6. You can see the difference in the after picture. Love all the brightening effects. This looks fun.

  7. I’ve used the brightening corrector for years. As much as I love it, the little pot is hard for me to use now that it’s half gone since my nails are longish. I need to get it out and start using it again. The other two sound promising.

  8. I need some depuffer! I have just recently decided that it’s time to start adding in different elements of my daily routine, and eye cream is something that I’ve added. This sounds like a great collection to have.

  9. Heather Barber McMechan says

    I love the results! You can really see a difference around your eyes. I’ll have to look into BECCA Cosmetics this weekend.

  10. Melissa Ratliff says

    Oh wow I’ve never heard of this brand, but it seems to be working great on you! Will definitely need to check out, thanks for sharing.

  11. Wow great before and after image. Not familiar with the brand but will definitely need to check it out.

  12. Maria Katsulos says

    I am a huge fan of the BECCA highlighters and have been for a while, but I have not heard about these new products! I’ll definitely have to check them out!

  13. Those are some great results! I really struggle with eye bags. I want to give this stuff a try!

  14. I am in total need of BECCA Under Eye Brightening Corrector. Seriously, what a difference it made for you! I’ve always had horribly thin skin and dark circles under my eyes.

  15. i have heard great things about BECCA…happy to hear you like it.

  16. jill conyers says

    I’ve never heard of this brand. It looks like a brand my daughter would love. I’ll share this with her.

  17. This seems like a really nice collection! I totally agree on not baking, even at almost 30, it does not do good things for me.

  18. The eyes really do have it. It’s really the thing that tells so much about a person both their emotion and their wellness. Great tips

  19. Sign me up! I always feel like I have puffy eyes and I always look like I’ve had no sleep. The joys of having kids. This totally looks like a product I should try.

  20. I used their products for the first time a couple months ago and quickly fell in love with their products! I’ll definitely have to give the ones you mentioned a try.

  21. I love the packaging that this set came it. I seriously need some of that Anti-Aging Under Eye Primer. My tired eyes are always so puffy!

  22. shandy kaye says

    Really great product, i love the color payoff from this product as it is subtle but really flattering on the face.

  23. I would love to try the Under Eye Brightening Setting Powder! It looks like a great product and not something I’ve ever used before. I’m sure it will make such a big difference.


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