Bed Head Tigi Curlipops, a Delicious Treat for Hair!

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So…I’ve been wearing my hair straight again. Not because I don’t like my curly hair, but because it takes too much time and I am basically lazy–especially in the morning. I may have fine hair but I have a lot of it so styling my hair takes time, girlfriend.

Enter the adorable Curlipops from Bed Head ($29.99)! These new curling irons come in 4 unique shapes to create texture, loose curls and waves. Each iron features Tourmaline Ceramic Technology and a clamp-free design. Curling my shoulder length hair is a snap with my Curlipop!

I have to talk about the packaging because it is awesome! Each iron has a bright metallic wand and the packaging has a round top so they look like lollipops. So cute and clever!

The iron I tried is the 1- 1/4″ Tapered Textured Iron which is perfect for my fine hair. It’s designed to produce volume, curls and waves. The tapered design gives you volume on the top and curls on the bottom while the textured barrel helps to hold fine hair in place. Trust me, if you have fine hair, this is the curling iron for you, it really grabs onto the hair and holds it. Awesome sauce!

The Tourmaline Ceramic technology eliminates frizz and the clamp-free design prevents kinks. The iron heats up quickly up to 400º. It has a cool tip and comes with a protective glove so there is less chance of getting burned. I say “less” because a klutz like me can mess up anything. I still have a bald spot where I tried to wax my own brows and the other morning I got out of bed and somehow my right foot found it’s way into the left leg of my pajamas and I tripped myself, falling on all fours! I digress. There was a bit of a learning curve for me with no clamp but after a few times, I had it down so I KNOW you can do it! Guess you can teach an old dog new tricks! I section my hair into 1 or 2″ inch sections (depending on how loose I want my curls), wrap my hair around the barrel and hold the end with my gloved hand.

These pics are the result of my loose curls, messy hair look.

The other specialty irons are:

1″ Styling Iron for loose curls and body

1″ Tapered Iron–no kinks, just curls or waves

1″ Spiral Iron for springy curls with volume

Bed Head Curlipops can be found at Ulta Beauty for $24.99-$29.99. To see all the stylers get tips and see videos, go to

Bottom Line: I get delicious curls in less than 10 minutes with my Curlipop. If you want those beachy, loose, “why yes, I woke up this way” curls, give your hair a treat with Curilpops!

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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    Pretty waves! Things like this intrigue me because with my straight, coarse, somewhat frizzy hair, I could never use them. The shape of this device is amazing

  2. Jane Williamson says

    This curling iron looks amazing! I will need to get one for myself!

  3. BeautyJudy says

    Ok, your hair looks AH-MAZING. I need this in my life! And hey, at least you can laugh about clutzy moments!

  4. Jessica Hughes says

    The texture on this wand is really interesting, I’d like to see how well it holds onto my hair. It did a great job on your hair! The price on these is very reasonable as well.

  5. It’s not like your usual curling iron but I like that it’s compact and easy to bring with you. The shape also looks safer than most irons out there.

  6. Kelly Reci says

    This what I need, I have a short hair too but it will be more thrilled if it’s curl like yours.

  7. Our Family World says

    My sister will surely love this! This is really amazing and the shape is so gorgeous.

  8. I love the casual look of the curls. This is going to be so amazing in the summer especially.

  9. TheNewClassy says

    That’s a great way to get a spiral perm look, without the perm. I really like that. I love the spiral perm look.

  10. You have such gorgeous curls! I struggled with styling my hair after the chop, but found this BaByliss rotating hair brush which gives me decent waves in five minutes or less.

  11. Missy Burson says

    My hair is course and fine- so a nightmare. I could totally use the Curlipop with the textured barrel!

  12. Aliza Hale Biorn says

    Love those curls! I’ve got to try this! I’ve been using my flat iron to curl, but it usually only looks curled on one side.

  13. I picked a BUNCH of these up on Black Friday at Ulta because they were like $15! They work SO good! I kept one for me and used the rest as stocking stuffers – huge hit! Love it!