Bellasonic Nail File Set will bring out the best in manicures and pedicures

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Every time I use the Bellasonic 4-in-1 Electric Nail File Set I think that it would make a terrific gift and now is the perfect time to share that with you. This nifty tool takes the guesswork out of naturally beautiful nails. It does all the work, of course guided by your hand!

Bellasonic 4-in-1 Electric Nail File Set
Bellasonic 4-in-1 Electric Nail File Set

The Bellasonic Advanced Nail Grooming System helps keep your nails in perfect shape whether you polish or not. It has 4 discs that attach magnetically and help you shape, smooth, buff and shine. The head of the system has a patented oscillating movement system that is designed to work without damaging your nails.

Most people use a back and forth motion to shape nails but that can be harmful if you have delicate nails that break or split easily. Bellasonic isn’t aggressive and gently buffs away the look of ridges and uneven nails leaving them smooth, healthy-looking with a high shine. While this tool uses a back & forth motion it’s the oscillating that protects your nails from tears and snags. It doesn’t get hot so there’s no damage even if your natural nails are a mess.

There are even two speeds to make it more user friendly: Low Speed for gentle grooming of cuticles & nail surface, High Speed for quicker shaping & buffing.

I get my nails done so I’m using my Bellasonic on my toes. I happen to have Guinness World Book ugly toes that do weird things. My nails grow up. They barely grow outward, instead they grow upwards. Using the discs can make it easy for me to control that growth. I mostly use the SHAPE disc to file my nails into submission and afterward I use the SMOOTH disc. When I’m in full pedi mode I’ll later buff and shine but at least once a week I need to shape my nails so they don’t catch on my sheets.

Bellasonic in the storage cradle

The Bellasonic Rechargeable Electric Nail File comes with a USB port, power adapter, and charging cable. It also has a contemporary storage cradle. It’s very lightweight so it’s a good tool for someone with weak hands or with arthritis. Discs typically last for 4 months and replacement discs aren’t expensive.

I like watching the demo on or the Bellasonic site to remind me of all the uses. If I have to quarantine again it will be the best tool for my fingernails too. This is carried at a variety of sites with some like Amazon having a discount.

Great for you and terrific as a gift. Add a few polishes and you’ve got something special this year.

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