BeneFit Hervana Blush

Benefit’s newest addition to it’s Box O’ Powders is Hervana–her + nirvana = Hervana. Nirvana means free from suffering, a liberation from unhappiness, the ultimate state of harmony, stability, joy.  The colorful pinwheel of pretty shades in Benefit Hervana Face Powder ($28) DO look perfectly harmonious, don’t you think?

Benefit Hervana

I didn’t think Benefit could out do last springs Bella Bamba, reviewed here, or the cult favorite Coralista, reviewed here, but Hervana has quickly become a may-jah favorite of mine! The four shades–Lucky Shell, Divine Peach, Heavenly Rose and Berry Delight blend together beautifully. Some of the shades have very, very subtle shimmer imparting a subtle candlelit pink glow. Do NOT worry beauties, this blush is not over the top in the least–quite the opposite actually–very appropriate for us over 40 women! Hervana is better pigmented than it’s older multi-colored sister Sugarbomb, but not as color dense as Coralista and Bella Bamba.

Benefit Hervana

You’re getting sleepy….stare at the Hervana powder and repeat after me–I will read Prime Beauty every day of my life…..I will read Prime Beauty every day of my life…..Prime Beauty is THE beauty expert for women over 40……keep going.

Packaging is typical for the newer Benefit Box O’ Powders; a heavy cardboard box with a mirror in the lid and comes with a slanted tip brush. I don’t care for the brushes that are provided–they are too scratchy for my delicate (read as old) skin. Any good blush brush will work just fine–swirl the colors together for a soft medium pink. I can’t imagine trying to use the colors separately–there just isn’t enough room for a brush to grab each individual color–no worries though, Hervana isn’t meant to be used that way. Bella Bamba and Coralista are the ticket if you’re looking for a bright summery look and Hervana is absolutely perfect for a soft, fresh flush for spring. It does have a slight fruity fragrance which I enjoy but it’s worth mentioning if you are sensitive to fragrance. I know I’m going to get a lot of use out this blush this spring–I’m already in “Hervana.”

Benefit Hervana

Hervana is available on and (where I got mine) but will not hit stores until January.

 Prime Beauty Grade: A + If you’re looking for a fresh glowy look for spring, Hervana might be the ticket!

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  1. I will read Prime Beauty every day of my life…. I’m mesmerized but I wish they didn’t have a fragrance.

  2. can’t wait to see this in person!! love your swatch!!! addicted to your blog and all forty…and more…as well as every other blog. i’m half hypnotized. lol


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