Better Skin Klayzyme Mask is what your face is asking for

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Are you a face toucher? I am and I know it’s a bad habit but some days I just can’t help it. When I use The Better Skin Co’s KLAYZYME MASK it leaves my skin so soft and silky feeling that I just like to admire it.

Whenever you read about taking care of yourself or putting aside a spa day the article will always talk about using a facial mask. There are only about a gazillion out there so narrowing it down to favorites is important. I think once you use KLAYZYME you’ll find it’s become a favorite.

Klayzyme is an exfoliating enzyme mask. It’s thick and feels so refreshing when applied. As the name implies it’s a clay mask, a mineral rich one. It helps purify the appearance of your skin as well as helps to absorb excess oil and impurities.

Better Skin Klayzyme Mask

My skin is dry with just a little oiliness in the tee zone. I have pronounced pores that drive me crazy. I had very oily skin as a teen and battled breakouts and lots of blackheads. The aftermath of that is skin that looks younger in my “old” age but I still see the aftermath of those pores.

Since my goal is to give up foundation in my everyday life that means I need to concentrate on skincare even more. I’ve already told you about the Epik-C Serum that I’m using nightly, and a little bit about Mirakle Cream (a fabulous moisturizer), and now I’m adding this to my list of great products.

The Better Skin Co favorites

Here are the key benefits:

• Detoxifying

• Exfoliating/Deep Cleansing

• Purifies/Clarifies

• Immediate Radiance

• Supports Cell Turnover

Yes, it does all this. My skin looks so refreshed for days after using the mask. It’s gentle enough to use several times a week

Klayzyme Mask from The Better Skin Co.

This mask applies with a cooling sensation. I leave it on for about 15 minutes while it dries down. It’s comfortable because it doesn’t drip down and it never pulls, it’s dry but doesn’t crack, actually I’ve taken vitamins while it’s been on. I use a washcloth to remove it since it’s a thick mask and takes a little effort to remove. Afterward my skin just glows.

Some of the ingredients you want to know about are Kaolin & Betonite Clay which are deep cleaning. Papaya and Pineapple Enzymes help remove dead skin. Then Aloe and Olive Oil helps hydrate your skin. The result? Soft and moisturized skin that looks better.

Better Skin Klayzyme Mask

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