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I’ve ridden on the struggle bus for years with my fine, thin hair. Rich shampoos and conditioners weigh it down and most volumizing styling products don’t last through the day. When I got the chance to try the BioSilk Volumizing Therapy line I wasn’t expecting much. After all, my bathroom is cluttered with 4,792 bottles and spray cans of tried and failed products. Color me pleasantly surprised!

How does BioSilk do it? I’m so glad you asked! BioSilk Volumizing Therapy fuses nourishing silk proteins with the volumizing elements of Hair Volume Complex and the strengthening power of rice proteins. These essential ingredients awaken the roots and build luscious body and shine without weighing down your locks. UV absorbers protect your hair from harmful rays, while the Silk in BioSilk Volumizing Therapy gives hair added strength, moisture, shine and protection for healthy volumized hair. Hair Volume Complex, a botanical complex infused with ginseng and nettle, fortifies hair and invigorates the scalp. The line is supposed to increase hair volume by 32%, whoohoo!

The Collection consists of 7 products, I tested 6 of the 7.

BioSilk Volumizing Therapy Shampoo ($15) Sulfate and Paraben free

Volumizing ingredients of rice proteins and Hair Volume Complex help to restore volume and body. Silk proteins penetrate hair to create incredible shine, while UV absorbers protect your hair from harmful rays. You won’t get super rich lather and that’s is a good thing, because this shampoo is sulfate-free. The scent is fabulous, a pretty floral that lasts into the day, especially if paired with the conditioner. My hair feels clean and fresh with light, fluffy volume with this shampoo. A wonderful side effect is my blonde color looks so bright and fresh after using BioSilk Volumizing Therapy Shampoo, it almost looks like I just my color redone! Yay!

BioSilk Volumizing Therapy Conditioner ($16)

This conditions while providing volume and body to hair by infusing the essential ingredients of Hair Volume Complex, as well as silk and rice proteins into each strand to moisturize and revitalize your roots. UV absorbers protect your hair from harmful UV rays. Though I love the scent, this conditioner makes my hair SO soft that it won’t hold a style. I do have baby fine hair so that doesn’t surprise me. I love the shampoo but I have to skip this conditioner.

BioSilk Volumizing Therapy Texturizing Powder ($13)

Provides a cool root lift to perk up any style throughout the day. With Hair Volume Complex, silk and rice proteins, this texturizing powder absorbs excess oils from roots, replacing it with uplifting volume and texture. UV absorbers protect hair from harmful rays. This is one of my favorite products from the line. Though billed as a texturizing powder, it’s really a dry shampoo that adds texture to fine hair. The shaker has very small holes so you can’t pour out too much. This gives my hair a real volume boost while keeping my style fresh for a few more days.

BioSilk Volumizing Therapy Styling Foam ($17)

Silk and rice protein plus Hair Volume Complex penetrate deep into the hair for weightless body and long-lasting medium hold with manageable movement and shine. UV absorbers protect hair from harmful UV rays. The majority of the time I don’t care for volumizing foams for two reasons: they are sticky and heavy. I’m delighted to report that is not the case with this foam. I use it at the roots only and my volume doesn’t poop out after a few hours. It’s very lightweight and airy and it doesn’t make my hair sticky.

BioSilk Volumizing Therapy Strong Hold Hair Spray ($17)

Pump up your style with Hair Volume Complex and rice proteins to give extra volume and strength, while silk proteins add shine to complete your look. This strong hold hairspray will keep your style lifted with body all day long. UV absorbers protect hair from harmful UV rays. This may sound counterintuitive, but since my hair is so fine, I need a strong hold hairspray to keep the flyaways at bay. This gives me the hold I need while smelling incredible. It was raining when I got off work last night so I dashed to my car and decided I didn’t want to cook. I stopped by the drive-thru at Panda Express and the girl helping me said I smelled like a ‘goddess’. Ha! I guess the rain reactivated the scent of my hairspray!

Bottom Line: If you need some volume for your limp locks, try the BioSilk Volumizing Therapy line! And…you too can smell like a Goddess! Haha!

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  1. Kristy Bullard says

    These hair products sound amazing! I especially need these for the days my hair just wants to fall flat. I’ll have to check out this Biosilk brand of products!

  2. I like how you styled your hair like that. So chic