Black Metal Volume 1 from Black Moon Cosmetics

Black Metal Volumen
Purchased by me

How does the saying go, “Want to make God laugh, tell him your plans?” In my case, that would entail a trifecta of events trying to interfere with my purchase of the newly released Black Moon Cosmetics Black Metal Volume 1 palette.

I’d been eyeing this beauty for many months and couldn’t wait to try it. The name alone intrigued me, as did the amazing reviews of other Black Moon products.

When the release date was finally announced, it happened to occur at the same time we were closing on the sale of my childhood home. This also meant I would in moving mode, with an address in flux. So I started to panic when I saw that my palette tracking number wasn’t updating.

Would this mean I would miss out on this new palette? Thankfully, it was just a slight delay and my gorgeous Black Metal Volume 1, and bonus tapered shadow brush, finally arrived at my temporary address in June. My move on the other hand…nightmare city.

But enough about my personal trials and tribulations, let’s talk about the Black Metal Vol 1 Shadow Palette, $52.

Black Metal Volume 1
Black Metal Volume 1 - Shadows

Black Metal Volume 1 is Black Moon Cosmetics first metallic/foil eyeshadow palette. From the shadow formula to the unique half-moon case, you can truly see how much effort the brand put into creating this cosmic masterpiece. The shadows and the packaging are equally stunning.

The shadows in the palette feature an eye-safe version of the popular Black Moon Cosmetics Black Metal lipsticks. This unique pearl and pigment formulation make the shadows highly reflective, without being chunky. If you are a fan of those lipsticks, you will love the way these shadows apply, blend and look on your eyes.

Black Metal Eye Looks

Besides the unique foil/metallic formula, the palette is also vegan and cruelty-free. It features eight shadows with intense color and foil payoff:

  • Abracadabra – pink/purple/blue duochrome highlighter/transformer 
  • Emperor – olive gold
  • Eternal – rose gold
  • Myth – emerald green 
  • Immortal – purple with arctic blue reflects
  • Sorrow – sapphire blue
  • Armageddon – red with copper reflects 
  • Castle – gunmetal

The shadows apply beautifully and last amazingly well. I had zero issues with creasing or fading. My eye makeup remained in full foil/metallic glory from start to finish. I also love the color options. You can create a smoky green and gold eye, a sparkling purple/blue eye, or even go bold with a red/copper and gunmetal eye.

Black Moon Cosmetics Black Metal Look

Lastly, we can’t forget the highlighter/transformer. I like using my finger to add Abracadabra to my inner corner, the center of my lid, or to customize any of the shades in the palette.

Synthetic Tapered Flat Brush

In addition to the Black Metal palette, my order also came with the Synthetic Tapered Flat Brush. It features soft, dense bristles, which allow you to place and pack on shadow precisely where you want it.

Black Moon Cosmetics Shadow Brush

The brush is lightweight, while also being very ergonomic. I’m also a big fan of the black, purple, silver hombre of the handle. I hope the brand continues to add more brushes to their collection because this shadow brush is extremely well made.

Overall: I can’t recommend the Black Moon Cosmetics Black Metal Volume 1 palette enough. If you love metallics, this palette is for you. If you love supporting cruelty-free, black-owned, indie brands, this palette is for you. In other words, you need this palette. I can’t wait to try more from this brand or to see what Volume 2 will look like.

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