Bond No. 9 Holiday Collection


This Holiday Season, Bond No. 9 is offering an entire deep-space galaxy of our enthralling eaux de parfum, enveloped in multi-faceted, brilliantly otherworldly Swarovski crystals.

Astronomers have recently made an astonishing discovery in outer space: Exoplanet Proxima b, — where humankind can potentially thrive. Not to be outdone, for Holiday 2016 Bond No. 9 presents an entire previously undetected star-studded galaxy of eaux de parfum that isn’t light years away, but rather as close as your nearest Bond No. 9 counter. For starters, the Bond No. 9 Star-Studded Swarovski Galactic Coffret an outrageously sumptuous, meticulously outfitted triple-tier bijoux keepsake box, its fold over lid and surface covered with 4,000 hand-applied Swarovski Fanci-Stones in panoply of vivacious gem colors, including two captivating newcomers: amethysts and white diamonds. And…it will only set your back 14,000 dead Presidents.

This year they are offering two scintillating choices rich in utterly breathtaking crystalline Swarovski tones.



Again in its Holiday amethyst and purple velvet crystal bottle–as entrancing as an interstellar nebula. What’s more, it’s packaged in a delectable silk velvet box, whose cover is “etched” with a delicate trace-work of Swarovski rectangular diamond crystals forming the Bond No. 9 token logo. It’s heavenly, you might say.

HyperFocal: 0


A stunning gender-free scent inspired by New York’s most unique neighborhood in a limited edition bottle shimmering with 472 black and clear Swarovski crystals.Introducing Bond No. 9 Soho Swarovski Limited Edition.

Notes: sweet orange, petitgrain, cassis absolute, orange blossom, jasmin, orris, amber, musk, oakmoss, cedar wood

Uh, yeah none of my friends are getting ANY of these.

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