Borghese Restorative Eye Mask

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For the most part, I don’t mind aging. The only things that really bugs me and gives away my age are those awful crows feet and bags under my eyes. Those ugly, pesky crows have taken up residence and my bags have reached carry-on size. What’s a girl who doesn’t want to look her age to do?

Trickery my dears, trickery. Borghese Restorative Eye Masks help me camouflage the lines and bags at least temporarily. They can be used at any time during the day or in the evening. I like to use them before a date, event or when I want to look my very, very, best.

The masks are easy to use: just cleanse the undereye area and pat dry. Remove the clear plastic film, place the hydrogel eye mask under your eye and discard the white protective sheet. Relax and leave on for 5-15 minutes (I used the whole 15 minutes), then remove and massage in any extra gel. It’s recommended to use 1-2 times a week.

The masks feels feather light, very comfortable and best of all–they stay put! I like that the size of the masks are big enough to cover the crows feet my upper cheeks where those damn crows have made their mark. Here’s what they are made of:

  • Acai Fruit Extract and Avocado Fruit Extract: helps firm and soothe skin
  • Arnica Montana Fruit Extract: helps refine skin texture
  • Hyaluronic Acid: builds a moisture barrier and prevents moisture loss
  • Caffeine: boosts skin elasticity
  • Pomegranate Fruit Extract and Olive Fruit Oil: conditions and revives skin’s vibrancy

I really love the way my eyes feel moisturized and look well rested after using the mask. My undereye is definitely smoother, my bags reduced and my crows feet are not gone but plumped to not appear as deep—that’s a win for me! Last week I told you how I have been using RoC® RETINOL CORREXION® Sensitive Eye Cream and I’m going to be adding the Borghese Restorative Eye Masks to my eye routine twice a week to add additional nourishment, brightening and for a youthful, revitalized look!

The Borghese Restorative Eye Masks come in a package of 6 for $32 at It’s a perfect refresher for older eyes!

Have you ever used an eye mask?

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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    I have a few other brands of these, one of which is meant to be worn overnight or for 4 hours during the day. I like that yours are for 5-15 minutes!

  2. Kansas Bonanno says

    Wow these look awesome, I’m going to have to look at investing in these. My bags are taking over! I like how small and compact they are! Great Results!

  3. I feel like I need to use that. I’m just now starting to see some fine lines around the lower parts of my eyes. Plus this looks so soothing.

  4. Cecilia C. Cannon says

    oh my gosh! your before and after is amazing! I need this, asap. Thanks for sharing, I am going to look into it.

  5. I love these. I put two away for my long trip but now I’m thinking I need more than that. They are so comfortable on.

  6. Wow you got great results!

  7. When I’m tired or not feeling the best it shows up in (and under) my eyes. Your before and after photos are so compelling! This looks like a great product!

  8. Wow! Those are great results! You can see the lines have disappeared and fading.

  9. Oh man, eye gels like this are my jam. One of my most favorite ways to pamper!

  10. Journa Ramirez says

    Great result! I think I need this too. So excited to witness its effectiveness. I need to get one as soon as possible

  11. Wow, that mask really made a difference. Love the before and after pictures. It’s so great finding a product that really works.

  12. That is awesome! I can see how much of a difference it made. I have seen these all over the internet but didn’t know what they were called.

  13. Kelly Hutchinson says

    This looks incredible. The before and after pictures are really compelling. I need this for my fine lines around my eyes!

  14. Wow, I can see the difference. This eye mask does work wonders. I would love to try it myself.

  15. I’d love to try this, I’m sure it would help as I’m starting to see some lines and always wake up with puffy eyes.

  16. Firenze McCowald says

    I haven’t used an eye mask like that per se, but I do have a gel mask that I like to chill in the freezer for a bit and then use when my eyes feel especially hot and/or puffy!

  17. Borghese is such a great brand because of their superior products and this eye mask is no different. I will have to use these myself soon!