Carli Bybel Eyeshadow Palette!

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Carli Bybel

Anastasia Beverly Hills Carli Bybel Palette is a limited-edition palette created in collaboration with iconic beauty influencer Carli Bybel. Featuring 14 of Carli’s can’t-live-without shades, this versatile collection lets you achieve everything from go-to daytime makeup looks to shimmery nighttime smoky eyes and bright, sparkly looks.

Carli Bybel Palette

The palette has all of YouTuber Carli’s favorites mattes and metallics in both warm and cool tones in one beautiful palette! With a mix of finishes like
mattes, shimmers, and glitters, there is no limit to what your imagination can create.

“I really wanted to choose colors that I would use every single day,” Bybel says of the eye shadow selection. “A lot of the shades are neutrals that you can use day to night, and I wanted to add in a couple of new shades that I really had never seen in a palette before,” Bybel says. She’s specifically referring to shades Libre, Jode, and OA, three muted, metallic purple hues that “are going to be really great for fall.”

More and more brands are including ingredients in eyeshadows that aren’t considered safe for the eye area. ColourPop started labeling those eyeshadows with pressed glitter as not safe for the eye area. Anastasia Beverly Hills has labeled the color Cindy (wouldn’t ‘ya know) as a cheek color and “not intended for use on the immediate eye area”.

Carli Bybel Palette

Mostly cool- toned with a few warm and neutrals thrown in, this beautiful mix of colors is what I wanted the Norvina palette to be! The texture is typical of ABH shadows, the mattes tend to be a bit powdery so make sure to tap the excess off your brush. There are a few shades that have larger chunky glitter so I suggest doing your eye makeup before your face so you can clean up any powder that falls onto your cheeks.

Shades names all have a special meaning to Carli including the names of her 5 cats: Boli, Boie, Bear, Chai, and Cindy.

  • Boli (Metallic champagne)
  • Bybel (Matte reddish-purple brown)
  • Mandala (Metallic/Duo chrome light purple)
  • Libra (Metallic goldish)
  • Jode (Shimmer teal)
  • OA (Duo chrome blue + purple)
  • Boie (Matte ash brown)
Carli Bybel

For this look, I placed Bybel in the crease, OA on the lid, Jode on the outer corner, Mandala on the inner corner and Bear on the brow bone. Jode was place under the lower lash line and a black liner on the upper lashes and waterline was used.

Carli Bybel Eye Look
  • Bear (Matte beige)
  • Moo (Metallic light gold)
  • Chai (Matte light brown)
  • Cindy (Matte bright orange pressed pigment)*
  • Stev (Matte dark red)
  • Aura (Metallic red pink shimmer)
  • My Angels (Metallic gold)

For this every day look, I placed Chai in the crease, Moo on the lid and My Angels in the middle of the lid and Bear on the brow bone. I used Boie on the upper and lower lash line.

Standout shades for me are Bybel, a matte purple/brown, Cindy (naturally), a true coral, OA a gorgeous purple sparkle, My Angels, metallic antique gold and Jode, a lovely pewter. Some of these shades you probably already have in your collection, but I bet you don’t have some the more vivid shades. No worries though, I truly believe that this is a great universal palette because all the shades are so wearable.

Finally, I tried a sunset eye. I placed Chai and Cindy in the crease, Aura on the lid, Stev on the outer corner and Bear on the brow bone. I swept My Angels along the lower lash line.

Those get dirty so quickly and every tiny bit of dirt and debris sticks to them. Carli’s palette has pink bubbles (they almost look like pearls) that are 3-D and very pretty and girly. It’s a unique look that screams Carli. The palette includes a double-sided brush as all the ABH eyeshadow palettes.

Carli Bybel Palette

Bottom Line: I love the mix of neutrals and some wearable brights in the Carli Bybel Palette, even Stev! Many people dislike the powdery formula of Anastasia eyeshadows and if that is the case, you’ll want to skip this palette too. However, I feel this is a very flattering palette and I know I will get a lot of use from it. The Carli Bybel Palette is what I wanted Norvina to be!

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