Casablanca Beauty Launches Ooh La Laura Lashes!

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Casablanca Beauty

With everyone wearing masks these days, more and more attention is on our eyes. And what’s the quickest and easiest way to make eyes pop? False lashes of course!

Casablanca Beauty® is a luxury beauty brand that helps you access the most trend-setting and high-quality beauty products on the market. Their lashes are loved by make-up artists, models, film actresses, and people like you and me!

The newest eyelashes to launch as part of the Ooh La Laura lashes collection feature faux-mink lashes and lashes that are made out of 100 percent mink. They include: Bombshell Faux Mink Eyelashes: Ooh La Laura Lashes Edition-Faux Mink Eyelashes, Soft Whispers-Faux Mink Eyelashes and Classic Dame-Faux Mink Eyelashes. Mink All Day 100% Mink Eyelashes: Camera Ready- 100 % Mink Eyelashes, Screenplay 100% Mink Eyelashes and Dangerous Dame 100% Mink Eyelashes.

Casablanca Lashes

These luxury lashes are a great way to accentuate your eyes while wearing the dreaded mask. I had the pleasure of trying out Screenplay,
100% Mink Eyelashes ($20.00) from Casablanca Beauty Ooh La Laura Lashes. They apply easily with their Clear Eyelash Adhesive ($10), a waterproof adhesive that dries clear and boasts a 24-hour hold. It is latex-free, formaldehyde-free, cruelty-free, vegan, and hypoallergenic. I also appreciate the brush tip–it is SO much easier than a squeeze tube!

Screenplay Lashes

Screenplay lashes are not for the faint of heart. We’re talking long, bold drag queen lashes! The first thing I noticed about them was how light they are. I’ve tried other false lashes and they felt heavy on my eyes and kept popping off in the inner corner. Casablanca Lashes stay put and you won’t even know you’re wearing them! My co-workers loves the look of the lashes one me but, personally, the Screenplay style is a little over-the-top for me for every day. I plan on wearing them for holiday parties or if I ever get a date! Casablanca offers free shipping for orders over $25.

Casablanca Lashes

These premium, 100% luxurious mink lashes are cruelty-free and of the highest quality. They come housed in a protective box with a built-in mirror and are reusable up to 30 times if properly cared for. Speaking of, Care instructions:

Casablanca Beauty
Casablanca Beauty


  • Be gentle – When removing your lashes be as gentle as when you applied them.
  • Remove glue – use a pointed tweezer to very gently remove any excess glue from the lashes after every wear.
  • Store safely in their box – use the original box or casing to keep your lashes safe and clean.
  • Avoid mascara – Mascara, especially waterproof mascara, can damage mink so try to use as little as possible. If necessary, apply mascara on your natural lashes and allow it to dry before applying your Casablanca Beauty® mink lashes.
  • It is recommended to use Casablanca Beauty® Eyelash Applicator tool when applying and removing to minimize natural oils from your hands and fingertips in order to keep the lashes in the best condition as possible.


  • Don’t soak in water – never soak your lashes in water or any other liquid as it may ruin the shape and curl of the lash. You may quickly rinse them and leave them to dry when needed.
  • Don’t tug or pull on the lash when removing glue – Treat your mink lashes the same way you treat your natural lashes and be very gentle when cleaning them.
  • Don’t use oil-based solutions or harsh chemicals – Any oil residue will repel the eyelash glue from sticking to your lash band during the next application and it will damage and weaken the construction and look of your mink lashes.
Casablanca lashes

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Let your eyes do the talking while the rest of your face is covered!

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