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CDB Living for Pain Relief

CBD Living is a global CBD (cannabidiol) manufacturer and distributor dedicated to creating CBD products that fit in with everyone’s lifestyles. Products include traditional CBD oils to topicals like lotion and patches to edibles like chocolate, gummies and the flagship CBD Living Water. All their CBD is sourced from 100% organic hemp grown on state-licensed farms in Colorado. Our products contain absolutely zero THC, and most are vegan.

The use of CBD is rapidly growing worldwide, and perhaps one of the biggest groups of new users are senior citizens. This is likely due to the fact that CBD has very few side effects, as compared to traditional pharmaceutical drugs, and works on a vast array of symptoms.

Truthfully, I wasn’t excited about trying these products and put it off for a long time. I admit I was pretty skeptical. I mean, there are eleventy-billion companies pushing CBD products claiming they do everything from curing cancer to hangnails.

Then we went through a few weeks of rain and the arthritis and bone spurs in my thumb really started acting up and I was in pain. A few weeks later I pulled a muscle in my knee and was in pain with that too. I figured it was a good time to put CBD Living to the test.

After using the CBD Living Anti-Aging Bundle and I was kicking myself for waiting so long! There are so many CBD brands on the market now it can be really confusing. That’s why I want to tell you about these products I’ve used myself and recommend.

From the brand:  

Our team watched the global hemp industry develop by lab-testing claims on other company’s products. We saw so many gaps between what people were advertising and the level of expertise that companies were bringing to the CBD extraction process, and recognized that we had an opportunity to push the envelope on the science of CBD.

The secret to our superior products lies in our use of nanotechnology, a unique manufacturing process that reduces CBD molecules into nano-sized droplets, without the addition of emulsifiers. The nanotechnology process allows for CBD to absorb into the body more efficiently. This proprietary technology increases the efficacy of the CBD by increasing its bioavailability up to 90 percent, delivering CBD directly to the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the body’s endocannabinoid system.

The brand was kind enough to send me their anti-aging bundle. The bundle is designed to introduce customers to the pain-relieving, anxiety-reducing and relaxation-promoting benefits of CBD. I recently pulled a muscle in my right knee and it gets really sore after a long work day of being on my feet, so this bundle is perfect for me. The bundle includes:

CBD Living Freeze $30 – this roll-on is infused with 250mg of full-spectrum CBD per 88mL bottle. When applied, CBD freeze mimics the application of ice, increasing blood flow to the affected area. It’s much like the old-fashioned Bengay and is helpful for sore muscles, chronic pain, inflammation and sore joints.  CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system to reduce pain signals being sent by the brain and reduce localized inflammation.

I like to use this directly on my knees as it provides immediate relief from the soreness and inflammation. The formula also contains anti-inflammatories such as Arnica and Tea Tree Oil. The addition of natural menthol gives a soothing cooling effect but you will smell it so I use this at home at night.

CBD Living Lotion $30 – this rich lotion is perfect for treating dry skin while getting your daily CBD dose. It is made from the finest natural ingredients and is infused with nano-CBD for maximum absorption.
The CBD Lotion is absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream. I like to use this on my legs concentrating a little more on my knees. I’ve used CBD balms before but the initial relief wears off very quickly. The pain relief from this lotion seems to last a lot longer plus it helps with my dry skin! Available in three scents: unscented, lavender and eucalyptus.

CBD Lotion contains a full-spectrum CBD profile, including terpenes and flavonoids. CBD Lotion does not contain THC and will not leave you feeling “high.”

CBD Living Bath Bombs $14- each CBD Bath Bomb is vegan-friendly and contains 60mg of CBD per 8 oz. bath bomb. These Bath Bombs are made from natural ingredients and help increase blood circulation. In addition to hydrating and moisturizing the skin, they also provide pain and anxiety relief. There are 4 scents available. I received Amber Bergamont, a zesty citrus scent and relaxing Lavender. I’m amazed that a CBD bath bomb can provide as much comfort as it does. It eases my soreness and the oils in the bomb are great for dry skin.

CBD Living Matcha Instant Green Tea –$30 Add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon to 16 ounces of hot or cold beverages. I like to add this to my morning tea. Contains Organic Stone Ground Matcha, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract and 150mg of CBD.

Bottom Line: I am SO thankful I finally tried CBD Living Products! If you’re looking for effective pain relief for mild or chronic pain conditions you should consider CBD products from CBD Living. They are highly effective and I trust the brand.

As with all medication and health supplement usage, consult your physician before beginning a new regimen. Although CBD has very few side effects, and even fewer medication interactions, its use should still be supervised by a licensed healthcare professional. What works for me may not work for you. However, I have had good results with these products.

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