Celebrate beauty and Mother’s Day with the wonderful Elevé Cosmetics Organic Golden Beauty Oil

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Eleve Organic Beauty Oil with a jade roller

If you are looking for a wonderful Mother’s Day gift for your favorite person then let me rave about Elevé Cosmetics Organic Golden Beauty Oil for a while. This is a beautiful luxury gift that will be loved since it works really well to moisturize and soften skin with a subtle glow.

Adding a beauty oil to your skin may seem like the antithesis of taking care of your skin. It adds to any skin type adding in a unique moisturizing touch. Surprisingly \Elevé Cosmetics Organic Golden Beauty Oil is the last step in your routine. “If you apply oil first, any moisturizer that follows won’t be able to fully penetrate the oil barrier; it’s like applying lotion over a wet suit. For best results, pile on the oil after any moisturizer to act as a barrier and keep moisture from escaping.”

My recommendation for using this beautifully fragranced beauty oil is to use a jade roller or Gua Sho tool along with it. I used it alone for a while but when I tried my jade roller I realized I was adding another dimension to the effect that the oil produces. The jade (or rose quartz) tool along with Elevé Cosmetics Golden Beauty Oil aims to help the Facial Roller glide across the skin with ease, while the roller will help the facial oil to absorb better, increasing its benefits.

Eleve Organic Beauty Oil

This is considered to be a multi-correctional product. It helps with uneven skintone, breakouts, dry skin zones and fine lines. The magic is in the ingredients – 15 wildcrafted and organic ingredients – our groundbreaking combination of the finest active botanical oils and extracts. This targeted formula will work to balance even the most sensitive skin.

Elevé Cosmetics shares the science part: “green tea, white tea, and rooibos extracts make our beauty oil an antioxidant powerhouse. Essential fatty acids nourish, heal and repair. It contains the superfruit Kakadu Plum – the highest known concentration of Vitamin C of any single natural food source in the world! Lupin Seed Extract is proven to build collagen, firm and increase the skin’s elasticity.”

I wish I could describe the fragrance of this but that’s not my forte. It’s a very pleasant one even for someone like me who’s adverse to fragrance. I like using it during the day since the aroma doesn’t bother me then. Sleep time is one that I prefer to be fragrance-free but I don’t think it will bother others.

While I don’t usually use it when I’m home alone I do use it on the days I am going somewhere. Even with 2-3 days usage a week I’ve noticed a difference that I like.

While the price isn’t low, the quality is high which makes this a fabulous product for you or loved ones.

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