Celebrate National Day Hat with Tenth Street Hats!

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To celebrate National Hat Day, I’m excited to tell you about my new Fedora from Tenth Street Hats! When Tenth Street Hats contacted me I jumped at the chance to try one of their hats, especially on National Hat Day!

You see, in addition to my makeup obsession, I am also obsessed with accessories. Accessories are the easiest way to change a boring outfit into something spectacular. Hats are one of the accessories I love to wear to add some spice to my outfit. My mom loved hats too and always wore a pretty hat to church, weddings, and special occasions. I loved playing with her hats in their pretty boxes when I was a kid. That’s where my love of hats was born.

Avignon Fedora from Tenth Street Hats

The Tenth Street website has tons and tons of hats for men and women. Women’s Wool hats, newsboy caps, berets, straw hats, cloche, floppy, fedoras…you name it, they have it. I already have a black fedora I wear a lot and I love the style so I chose the Avignon Fedora in navy from the Brooklyn Hat Co. The Avignon $70 is made of mixed wool so it’s warm and holds its shape beautifully. It has a pretty burgundy band to add to the fashion statement.

Avignon Fedora from Tenth Street Hats

Just a few days ago after a snowstorm, it started raining and I took my niece shopping. Now only did the Avignon keep my head warm and my hair dry outside, but walking in the mall inside, I got tons of compliments! I admit, I felt quite hip and fashionable wearing my hat.

Avignon Fedora from Tenth Street Hats

The Avignon fedora is one size fits all, and I was a little concerned that it might be too big for my pin-sized head. However, I discovered an adjustable ribbon inside the band that makes the hat adjustable to your head size.

Avignon Fedora from Tenth Street Hats

I’m delighted with the quality and style of my Brooklyn Avignon Fedora from Tenth Street Hats! If you’re not delighted, they have an excellent
30-day, hassle-free return or exchange policy. They also offer a one-year, craftsmanship guarantee; they will replace your damaged hat for free within the first 12 months. You can’t beat that!

Brooklyn Hat Co. Avignon Fedora

My friend wears hats because he finally went bald and I’m going to buy him a Tenth Street Hat for his birthday in March. I know he’ll be pleased with the selection!

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