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We love when Bloggers/Reviewers directly address our Target Audience! Women Over 40 are especially awesome and have particular Skin Care needs that aren’t always addressed. PRIME BEAUTY is the perfect beauty resource for women 40+ and when they reviewed our Lavish Soufflé Foaming Cleanser, we knew they had hit the bulls-eye on both of our “targets”.Read PRIME BEAUTY’S review here and enjoy 15% off our regular price. We are offering the Chella Lavish Soufflé Foaming Cleanser for just $29.75 and FREE SHIPPING until Saturday. Save 10% on Chella's Foaming Cleanser Lavish Soufflé
“My most recent and totally satisfying parlay into the Chella line is Lavish Soufflé, a frothy delight that smells of grapefruit, lime and vanilla. Yum! This is a very mild foaming cleanser that leaves the skin feeling clean but hydrated.” 
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