CHI Aloe Vera Curls Defined!

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CHI Aloe Vera Curls Defined

Since I have been working at the salon I’ve discovered my hair isn’t stick straight as I thought it was. I actually have some natural wave to my hair though it does need to be coaxed out. If I want that wave to graduate to curls, I turn to the CHI Aloe Vera Curls Defined line  available at Ulta Beauty.

For ALL curl types from wavy to kinky, the CHI Aloe Vera line defines, enhances and revives curls and texture. Infused with Agave Nectar and a Super Hydration blend, Aloe Vera replenishes and locks in moisture to guard against humidity and provide easier maintenance of curly hair.

Working at a hair salon, you can probably imagine how many curl products I’ve tried. I’m surprised and amazed at how the CHI Aloe Vera Curls Defined Line works so beautifully with my fine hair!

The Curls Defined line boasts an impressive 7 products and I got to try 5 of them that I absolutely love!

We’ll start with the CHI Aloe Vera Curl Enhancing Shampoo ($10). It cleanses hair without stripping away the oils that keep hair manageable.
Featuring Aloe Vera, Agave Nectar and a Super Hydration blend, it soothes and nourishes hair to increase elasticity, moisture and enhances curl definition. 

CHI Curls Defined

CHI Aloe Vera Curl Detangling Conditioner $10.50. I know what you’re thinking. “Cindy, you told us you skip conditioner because they all weigh your fine hair down.”  It’s true, I gave up on conditioners, but THIS one is special! It’s super lightweight and doesn’t take eons to rinse out. My hair is a tangled mess after shampooing and this conditioner smooths my hair with no extra weight. In addition, it makes my hair soft and touchable. I’ve found a new Holy Grail Conditioner!

CHI Curls Defined

If you prefer a leave-in conditioner or live in a humid area, try the CHI Curls Defined Humidity Resistant Leave-In Conditioner $10. As lightweight as the Detangling Conditioner, it provides tons of moisture and leaves my hair frizz-free. Sometimes after towel drying, I will ‘cocktail’ the curl cream with the leave-in, then blow-dry and use a curling iron if I want more curls.

CHI Curls Defined
CHI Curls Defined

After shampooing and conditioning, I towel dry my hair and add a few pumps of the CHI Aloe Vera Moisturizing Curl Cream$12.50. This is one of my Hero products in the line. It’s a creamy, lightweight, non-sticky cream that coaxes out my curls. It gives my curls moisture and makes them shiny frizz-free and bouncy. I’m loving what this does for my fine hair!

 Sometimes after towel drying, I will 'cocktail' the curl cream with the spray, then blow-dry and use a curling iron if I want more curls.

Now, since my hair is fine and I don’t have a lot of it, my curls disappear the next day. I don’t wash my hair every day so I need something to bring back the curls I lost after sleeping on them. CHI Aloe Vera Curl Reactivating Spray $12.50 is perfect for giving day-old curls new life! You can use the spray on wet or dry hair though I prefer wet. I spray my dry with a little water to get it damp and then spray this from mid-shaft to ends. As I’m spraying, I scrunch my hair to bring out the natural wave then let air dry.

CHI Curls Defined
CHI Curls Defined

Bottom Line: Whether you have curly, thick, dry, or fine hair like me, CHI Aloe Vera Line helps to create and maintain bouncy, healthy-looking curls!

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