CHI Hot Smoothing Dryer Brush for Frizz-Free Tresses!

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CHI 3-in-1 Hot Smoothing Dryer Brush

New from CHI Haircare comes the merging of a dryer and a hot brush $99.99. The brand new CHI 3-in-1 Hot Smoothing Dryer Brush reduces styling time, smoothing, drying & brushing in one easy step.

This Dryer Brush is fused with CHI Ceramic and Ionic Technology. It has a built-in Ion Generator that emits an impressive amount of negative ions to reduce frizz and increase shine, helping to seal the cuticle, minimize flyaways, and avoid heat damage by locking in the hair’s natural moisture.

Compact and lightweight, this tool has cut down my drying time making it the perfect everyday tool. It combines drying and styling into one simple step thereby saving time and I always like that! The ceramic bristles provide for silky, smooth, frizz-free hair. 



  • Great for all hair types and styles
  • Reduces static electricity leaving hair smooth and silky
  • Produces a high amount of negative ions creating shine
  • Bristles are evenly spaced to prevent knots and tangles
  • Dries and styles in one step
  • 3 pre-set modes
  • Swivel, 6 ft. tangle-free cord

The CHI 3-in-1 Hot Smoothing Dryer Brush is perfect for my fine, flyaway hair when I want a smooth style. My hair is a frizzy mess after blow-drying. A half a pea-sized drop of Seven Diamond Serum and this smoothing dryer and I have smooth, sleek hair that feels like silk!

Bottom Line: if you’re looking for smooth, sleek, frizz-free hair, you need the CHI 3-in-1 Hot Smoothing Dryer Brush!

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