CHI LAVA 2.0 Hairstyling Iron adds to your good hair days

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The other day I wrote about Moroccan Gold‘s new series of haircare products and told you that there were two parts to this journey of better looking hair. With part 2 you’ll learn about the amazing CHI LAVA 2.0 VOLCANIC LAVA HAIRSTYLING IRON.

This new CHI Lava iron reminds me of Marie Kondo when she told us to keep what brings us joy. The CHI Lava 2.0 iron brings me joy! My previous iron is also from CHI, an earlier generation of the Lava series. I loved it but I adore this newer one. If you are in need of a perfect flat iron then you’re reading the right article!

CHI Lava 2.0 Hairstyling Iron has brought the hairstyling iron into 2021 with all the latest technology. It does for your hair what should be done and has all the right touches.

First there are 31 temperature settings which amazes me as my last iron had two. Second it has “Touch Activated Digital Temperature Control”. It’s amazingly easy to change the temperature to the exact one your hair needs. It’s calibrated to go from 180 degrees to 425 while heating up in just 40 seconds.

There is just one button that you actually push and that’s the on/off one. This is how you switch it on so that the display lights up. Once on it will show you the temperature that it’s set to and will flash until it gets there. To change the temperature you lightly touch the plus or minus with your finger. When you are at the temp you request it will stop flashing.

In addition to all the reasons I like this high performance styling iron is that an appliance lock is included. With all the irons I’ve used over the years I’ve never seen something like this.

Chi Lava 2.0 appliance lock

This a genius addition especially if you have children. Since it’s so easy to turn on and it’s so attractive I can imagine a child picking it up and without realizing it, turning it on. But with the lock on that’s impossible. Even if it fell it wouldn’t accidentally turn on.

Chi Lava 2.0 with the appliance lock

My hair loves the performance of this iron. I’ve used it with any of the hair products I currently have to make sure it was the iron that really worked and not just the product. It is the iron! It brings me joy. The CHI LAVA 2.0 Hairstyling Iron is currently available only on the Chi website. I’ve found other Chi Lava irons but they aren’t the 2.0 which is still so new. Definitely worth the price!

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