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Discovering new skincare is one of the things I like most about blogging. Skincare seems to be the one area of the beauty industry that’s always evolving with new ingredients and new formulations. Although it can feel overwhelming at times, I find it extremely exciting. One of my newest finds comes from City Beauty, a luxury brand focused on anti-aging, functional beauty.

Based in Los Angeles, California, City Beauty is all about innovation. They continually strive to create products that make you feel beautiful while also providing deeper benefits. For this reason, they use ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Resveratrol, and Oligopeptides, which can target specific skin issues such as fine lines and wrinkles. In addition to using innovative ingredients, the brand is also proudly cruelty-free.

City Beauty – Lashes & Eyes

City Beauty was kind enough to send me four of their products to try, including the City Lash, Under Eye Recovery, Multi-Sculpting Cream, and Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector. I incorporated each into my skincare routine over the last month and today I’m sharing my results.

City Beauty City Lash

First, let’s start with City Lash, $90 (.4 oz). This treatment is designed to reduce lash fall-out, improve texture, protect against breakage, and support lash growth. It’s safe for all skin types, including sensitive. It’s also formulated without parabens, alcohol, sulfate, formaldehyde, and phthalates.

I was a bit apprehensive about using this serum at first, as I didn’t know how my eyes would react to it. They are extremely sensitive and are often irritated by eye treatments. But this was not an issue with the City Lash because the formulation doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients.

City Lash Brush

The few times that I did get it in my eye, when I wasn’t so steady with the stiff “brush”, it did sting for a second. However, as soon as I wiped my eye with a towel the stinging stopped. Other than my clumsiness, I never had any issues with eye irritation.

As for the results, I can’t say it’s a drastic change. After all, I’ve only been using it for a month. However, I can definitely see a difference. My lashes do look a bit fuller and longer. I’ve had no issue with breakage or fallout, either. I’m curious to see what they will look like after another month of use.

City Beauty City Lash Results

Next up, is the Under Eye Recovery, $50 (.5 oz). Like City Lash, Under Eye Recovery is suitable for all skin types. It’s also formulated without mineral oil, nuts, animal-derived Ingredients, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and gluten. This eye treatment helps reduce puffiness and the appearance of pigmentation, brighten dark circles and the area under your eyes, and smooths fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging lids.

City Beauty Under Eye Recovery

This is by far one of my all-time favorite eye creams. Although it’s extremely light, it’s also extremely powerful, yet it doesn’t irritate my eyes or the skin around my eyes. In fact, it has significantly reduced the dryness under my eyes and on my eyelids.

I think it’s also helped my eyeshadow apply more evenly because my lids aren’t as dry or crepey. My eyes don’t feel or look as tired and aren’t constantly irritated from harsh ingredients or dryness.

Under Eye Recovery Swatch
Dark Spot Corrector & Sculpting Cream

Now that the eyes are covered, it’s time to talk about City Beauty face products. As I mentioned above, I received the Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector, $72 (1 oz), and the Multi-Action Sculpting Cream, $67 (1.69 oz).

First up is the Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector, which can be used on the hands, face, and neck. It is designed to fade age spots, liver spots, redness, acne scars, discoloration, dark blotches, and scarring. Again, like all City Beauty’s products, it is safe for all skin types and free from allergens and harsh ingredients.

Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector

I don’t really have any dark spots or scarring on my face so I can’t speak to the effectiveness of the corrector in this area. However, I will say that I do feel like it has helped reduce redness in my skin, as well as promote a more even skin tone. And, as with the other products I’ve tried, the Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector is non-irritating. It’s lightweight formula blends easily into my skin.

I plan to continue using this product on my face, as well as my hands. I want to see if it will help reduce the appearance of a scar from a cut I experienced during my last move. I’ve been using a CBD Healing Balm to aid in the healing process, which has helped. I think the corrector might be just what I need to further reduce the appearance of the scar.

Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector Swatch

Finally, we have the Multi-Action Sculpting Cream. This cream is more than a moisturizer, it also helps lift, tighten and firm the skin. If you know anything about me, you know I love a good multi-tasking product, especially when it can help my dry skin while also improving elasticity.  

Multi-Action Sculpting Cream

I love that it is suitable for all skin types because it means I can safely use it on my neck and décolleté. These areas of my skin are especially sensitive and tend to become easily irritated by many moisturizers. I’m also a fan of the scooper, the cream comes with, which makes scooping out the right amount of product easier.

Multi-Action Sculpting Cream Swatch

After using this City Beauty cream, every night, for a month, I think my skin feels and looks more hydrated, radiant and plump. It might even be a little firmer, which I love. I always joke that after I turned 40 the skin below my chin said, “I’m tired, think I’m going to take a break,” which is why I’m always looking for ways to help boost its elasticity.  I think the Multi-Action Sculpting Cream is helping do just that.

City Beauty Performance

Overall: City Beauty and their luxury line of functional beauty products are impressive. Though they are at a higher price point, I think they are well worth the investment. Skincare is the one area I don’t mind spending my money, especially with results like these.

I highly recommend checking out City Beauty, as well as their website, to learn more about their products and formulations. They do a really great job discussing why they use certain ingredients and how these ingredients work.

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