Copper is the new gold with 1907 by Fromm Round Brushes!

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1907 Copper Thermal Round Brush in Action

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When it comes to giving my hair a blowout, or using a round brush is any format, I suck. This might not be the most articulate way to illustrate my lack of skill, but it pretty much sums up how horrible I am at using a round brush, and how abysmal my hair usually looks when I am done. No matter how many round brushes I have purchased over the years, the results are always the same…a frizzy mess.

I never could understand how my hair would always looks so incredible when they used a round brush at the salon, yet so awful when I used a round brush at home. I knew there had to be a better way. Finally, I’ve found it, thanks to 1907 by Fromm Copper Core Thermal Round Brushes, $15.99-$19.99. Available in three diameters, 1.75”, 2.5”, and 3.0”, these unique brushes feature a copper core and boar bristles, which are designed to take hair to new heights.

1907 Copper Core 1.75 Thermal Round

1907 Copper Core 1.75 Thermal Round


1907 Copper Core 2 Thermal Round

1907 Copper Core 2 Thermal Round


1907 Copper Core 2.5 Thermal Round

1907 Copper Core 2.5 Thermal Round

After testing out all three brushes, I can attest to the volume claim. My hair was big and beautiful, and even looked amazing days later. Which left me wondering, what makes these brushes work so much better than any other round brush I have tried before? Could it be the copper core barrel and boar bristle strip? The answer is a resounding YES.

Copper Core Barrel benefits:

  • Dries hair 30% faster
  • Ensures maximum temperature control
  • Distributes heat rapidly and evenly
  • Destroys 88% of bacteria and fungus
  • Eliminates itching, flaking and static

Boar Bristle Strip benefits:

  • Dries hair with ionic nylon properties
  • Adds shine and volume
  • Grips hair better

I guess my hair was waiting all these years for the beauty industry to invent the first every copper barrel brush. Not only did my hair have shine and volume, without any hint of frizz, but it also took less time to dry and didn’t feel damaged by the bristles or the heat of my hair dryer. I also really like the fact that it naturally eliminates static and bacteria.

While I’m still not an expert at the blow out, I can’t seem to get my bangs to lay right, I do feel like my skill set has vastly improved thanks to these Copper Core Thermal Round Brushes. Finally, my hair looks like I just walked out of a salon with a style that lasts for days.

1907 by Fromm Copper Core Thermal Round Brushes

Overall: With three sizes to choose from, the 1907 by Fromm Copper Core Thermal Round Brushes, $15.99-$19.99, are the ideal brushes for any hair texture or length. These brushes do more than create smooth style, they help build volume and shine, and reduce hair damage in less time than other round brushes. Look for 1907 by Fromm at Beauty Brand stores, or online at

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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    I like thermal round brushes especially when I flip up my hair. These look great!

  2. These types of brushes were especially nice for me when I had shorter hair. I always tended to flip it every which way, and these worked great!

  3. Rose Sahetapy says

    These look great! I use thermal round not so often, only when there is special occasion to be attended.

  4. These look cool. I personally can’t use them but they do look cool.

  5. These look so neat! I have been looking for a good round brush, so I will check these out!

  6. Molly O'Connor says

    I honestly don’t even own a brush because my hair is so curly hahaha but these definitely seem like top notch brushes!

  7. Those look like they’d be very hard bristles. I prefer softer bristles for my sensitive scalp.

  8. Lisa has some brushes from 1907 by Fromm that she swears by.

  9. I totally suck and using a round brush too! Maybe this will be the solution for me as well! 🙂

  10. FabZilla_Kath says

    I need to try this brand!

  11. No frizz? I need to try a copper barrel brush.

  12. jillconyers says

    With those benefits they’re worth trying. I’m going to add this to my shopping list for tomorrow. Thanks!

  13. Kiersten Millican says

    I need to try this brand out! I’ve never used a copper core brush, and I love the benefits you listed. Eliminating static is always a necessity in the winter.

  14. I’ve always wanted one of those. I just find it fascinating and convenient. I hope it doesn’t damage hair though.

  15. Ooh I want to see pictures with your hair given volume by these brushes. They look great and love the copper design!

  16. SavvyMomNYC - Ker says

    I need a new brush to blow out my hair and this looks perfect! I have never used a copper core one before. Goodbye statc!

  17. So interested in trying this brush! I have super thick hair so it takes forever to dry…if this brush could dry my hair 30% faster I’d be so happy!

  18. I’m pretty terrible at using a round brush, too. I think it’s a coordination thing. I’ll have to look into this some more, and pick out a new brush!

  19. Looks like a great tool. A big no no for curly hair though!

  20. I have several FROMM brushes and love them, too 🙂

  21. Clo Nevaeh says

    I’m totally going to have to try this! It looks super neat 🙂

  22. Martine - MeUnfinished says

    This seems to be a very useful product for blowdrying. It’s also good to see that it comes in different sizes. Thanks!

  23. Saving Common Cents says

    I’ve struggled with using round brushes before too. It never looks how I think it really could look if I had some better know how…or a better tool! I like that this one comes in different diameters!

  24. orana velarde says

    copper centered round brushes are really good for waves! but so hard to get used to using! Practice makes perfect though!

  25. Oh I love these kinds of brushes. Even with short hair they work great.

  26. Eileen Murphy Kelly says

    I am in the market for some new brushes. I am hooked on these. Thanks for sharing

  27. I suck at using round brushes while blow drying. These look nice though.

  28. adriana nudo says

    This looks like such a nice brush! I definitely need to try this one, I’m looking for a new brush!

  29. The copper brush trend is big right now