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The nail obsession is real, or in my case, the at-home nail manicure obsession is real. I find painting my nails in all the colors of the rainbow, while watching some cheesy Hallmark movie, relaxing. I’ve tried just about every nail trend, except for stamping. This recently changed when I was given the chance to create holiday inspired nails with Beautometry.

Started by nail obsessed Therese Vogel, Beautometry is your online destination for nail products from around the globe. The site carries some of the best artisan nail polishes, as well as nail art stamping products and accessories from Australia, the UK, Russia, Hungary, Singapore, and even the Netherlands.

Holiday Inspired Nails with Beautometry – The Goodies

The brand was kind enough to send me Wikkid Nail Polish(UK), $13, in Candy Floss, MoYou London Holiday Stamping Starter Kit (UK), $25, and Fab Ur Nails Clean-up Brush(Philippines), $6.50. It’s always fun to try out unique products from around the globe.

Wikkid Nail Polish & Fab Ur Nails Brush

Holiday Inspired Nails with Beautometry Wikkid Nail Polish in Candy Floss & Fab Ur Nails Brush

I was immediately drawn to Candy Floss. It’s a beautiful soft pink with linear holographics polish that is also handmade, cruelty-free, vegan and five-free. I just love how it picks up the light and reflects the pink, along with touches of silver, gold, purples, green, and more. It’s such a fun polish and unlike anything else I have in my collection.

To help clean up any messy spots on my nails or cuticles, I used the Fab Ur Nails Angular Kolinsky Clean-up Brush. It’s a very firm brush, which I wasn’t expecting. It does make precise cleanup easier, though it took a little getting used to for me. With some practice, I can see this brush becoming a go-to for nail polish clean-up.

I wore the opaque in two coats Candy Floss (with a base and top coat) for Thanksgiving.  It held up pretty well through all the packing, traveling, cooking and activities I enjoyed during the holiday. By the end of my week away, I only had a few minor chips.

MoYou London Holiday Stamping Starter Kit

Holiday Inspired Nails with Beautometry MoYou London Festive Collection Kit

After the Thanksgiving holiday, it was time to up my nail game. I wanted to create new holiday inspired nails with Beautometry. To accomplish this task, I chose to use the MoYou London Holiday Stamping Starter Kit. As I mentioned above, nail stamping is new to me, but I’ve always been curious about the technique. It seems like a much easier way to create nail art.

The kit includes a stamper, scraper, stamping polish in White Night, a holiday-themed nail art plate, and a booklet of instructions. I was thrilled to have a detailed list of instructions on how to stamp. It made me feel better about trying stamping, since it let me know it takes practice to get it just right.

Holiday Inspired Nails with Beautometry MoYou London Holiday Stamping Starter Kit Process

I choose the snowflakes nail art for my look and paired it with my Wikkid Nail Polish. Although the instructions were easy to follow, I did have some difficulty with the stamper. It’s very sticky and kept adhering to the paper I was using as my workstation. I had to stop several times to unstick it and then put it back together. In the future, I will use a less glossy workstation. For the most part, I was able to easily achieve my snowflake covered nails. A couple of times I had to go back over the plate again. However, since this was my first time, I knew not to expect perfection.

I also used the Fab Ur Nails Brush for cleanup. It really helped in areas where I got White Knight on my cuticles and fingers. To complete my look and create a smooth nail surface, I added the recommended top coat. I’ve been wearing my pink/white snowflakes for several days and they still look very festive.

To give you a better idea of how you can create holiday inspired nails with Beautometry, I stamped all of the patterns on a nail color wheel. Some came out better than others, so this process definitely takes practice.

Holiday Inspired Nails with Beautometry MoYou London Stamping Plate looks

Overall: If you want to create holiday inspired nails with Beautometry, I recommend giving this nail starter kit a try. It’s not only fun but would also make a great stocking stuffer or holiday gift for any nail lovers in your life. I also recommend the Wikkid Polish line. They have so many fun, festive colors to make your nails sparkle and glow in every season.


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  1. Lola Seicento says

    That is a really nice little kit to make easy work of festive holiday nails! So pretty!

  2. I have never tried stamping so I could really use a kit like this. Do you sort of roll the stamp over each nail to get the design to transfer? I need to watch a video

  3. It really made for festive nails! I would do this on a short term notice, when needing something fun!

  4. These nails are so pretty! I love the outlines, the shapes are so perfect for the holidays. I need these in my life!

  5. Melissa Chapman says

    Using nail polish is unususal for me but those sparkly colors are really amazing. I would love to give those to my daughter for the holidays.

  6. Krystal Butherus says

    I have a friend who would love this! She always does her nails for all holidays.

  7. The shapes are perfect for the holidays!

  8. Such a pretty mani! I love MoYou!!!

  9. Laura Samson-Exner says

    Such a Nice Mani, I can’t for the life me do my own nails, it looks like I tried to do them while driving down a bumpy road.

  10. What a great kit. I can’t do stamping but I really want to give it another shot. I love your nail wheel.

  11. I’m so horrible at doing my own nails. I can’t even imagine trying to stamp something onto them. But super cute!

  12. Reesa Lewandowski says

    I am awful at doing my nails, but my daughter if you could believe it is amazing! This sounds like a great kit!

  13. You did such a wonderful job. Such pretty designs for the holidays.

  14. Oh wow – your nails look great! I’m so bad at nail art!

  15. Tickle those Tastebuds says

    Your nails look so pretty. Love the nail color and the kit is so festive!

  16. Cecilia C. Cannon says

    I know a friend that would love this! it is a great gift idea and I will for sure look into it.

  17. Nail art is so much fun but I’m no good at it! I think this starter kit is perfect for people like me! I love the designs as well!

  18. This seems pretty fun! I am not a nail girl, I haven’t even painted my nails in probably a year or more lol maybe I should try to get better about it.

  19. Magnolia Mamas says

    I love that nail color you chose as your base – holiday perfect! Love how easy this was to give your nails a little something extra. Definitely going to give it a test run asap!

  20. I am terrible at doing my own nails, but I love nail art so much. This is so cute and festive.

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  22. So silly but I am terrible at painting my own nails. I love the colours and the candy floss colour is really perfect for the holidays.

  23. Stephanie Pass says

    My daughter loves to do her nails. I can’t wait to share this with her.

  24. I love holiday themed nails. This looks pretty simple. My daughter would really like them in her stocking.

  25. I love the stamps! My eight year old daughter has a set and sometimes she lets me borrow. 🙂