Deck of Scarlet Palette Edition No. 7

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Deck of Scarlet is a makeup subscription box; you receive one makeup palette every two months. All the products you need to create multiple makeup looks are included for just $29.95. There is lots of love about this sub box! First, you get product every TWO months instead of one so you won’t be overwhelmed. Second, you KNOW what you’re getting, you can preview the palette. You will always get a makeup palette + an extra or two (all full sized) and no samples that will end up in the back of your makeup drawer gathering dust. Third, all the palettes are limited edition and are made in collaboration with a popular YouTuber and designed to give you multiple looks in one palette. Fourth, the YouTuber that designed that months palette provides three looks and a tutorial so you don’t have to guess how to use it. And finally, you can skip a month if you aren’t interested in that month’s palette or cancel at any time. Win!

The packaging is exceptional. The Deck of Scarlet palette is presented in a sleek black box which houses the palette along with a card from the Artist-in-Chief. Inside is a sleeve with original artwork and the study cardboard palette is in that. The artwork for this palette is stunning! I don’t know who the artist is, but they definitely deserve a shout out! I can see why makeup junkies like me collect these palettes! The top of the palette is split so that you can access the powder products separate from the lip products and so that they don’t mix together. I wish more brands would do this!

Today I’m bringing you Edition No. 7, the March/April palette created by YouTuber Roxette Arisa. I’m not familiar with her, but she sure is a cutie!

The palette consists of 3 eyeshadows, two lip products, a highlighter and a blush. What I love about the Deck of Scarlet palettes is that the packaging of the palette is split so the powder products can’t get into the lipsticks. I wish more brands would do this!


  • Starry Eyed is a cool matte fawn
  • Bora Bora is a gorgeous satin turquoise blue
  • Bronze is a beautiful satin brown bronze

Starry Eyed is a wonderful transition shade but it does have a lot of kick up in the pan. Still, it’s close to my skin tone so I can use it as a base or a transition and it does blend well. I was a little disappointed in Bora Bora. If you want the color that’s in the pan,  it takes a lot of building up. It goes on sheer and looks more green than blue unless you really pack it on. I love bronze on my blue eyes and this rich satin bronze is really beautiful.


  • Rockstar is a very lovely and subtle gold highlighter
  • Lovesick is a stunning pink glowy blush

Lovesick is highly pigmented neutral pink blush so make sure to use a light hand and tap off any excess before putting on your cheeks. This is hands-down the best thing about this palette; it’s not glittery but it imparts a luminous glow. I’m also impressed with Rockstar, it’s a beautiful subtle highlighter that doesn’t emphasize pores!


  • Smootch is a warm nude
  • Swept Away is a mauve cream

Although I like these two colors and they work well together, I don’t like the soft, goopy texture. I found them hard to apply even with a lip brush, in fact, they were easier to apply with my fingers.


Along with this palette you get a full-size eyeliner in Goddess, a gorgeous shimmery champagne that is perfect for the waterline or inner corner and a lip liner in Foxy, a nude brown. You can fill in your lips with Foxy and that gives you a rosy nude matte lip or you can put Smootch over top. Both of these are super creamy and glide without skipping or tugging.

Final Look

Bottom Line: I do like the Roxette Arisa Deck of Scarlet Edition No. 7 even though I’m not crazy about the lip creams. You can’t beat a full face palette with an eyeliner and lip liner for $29.99 and I’m still satisfied with the subscription. Subscribe here

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  1. Lovely shades and I love the packaging!

  2. These are such pretty shades for Spring! I especially love the blue shadow!

  3. These are such pretty shades for Spring! I especially love the blue shadow!

  4. Lovely shades and I love the packaging!


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