DefineMe Fragrance Mists!

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DefineMe Fragrance Mists

DefineMe, the natural, vegan and cruelty-free fragrance brand that connects phenomenal scents with emotion, has got you covered with the perfect scents for fall festivities. Plus, all of their fragrances can be mixed together to create your own unique scent. 

About DefineME:  
DefineMe scents were created to connect you to the goddess within. Our fragrances are a wearable reminder of your self-love, creativity, gratitude, wanderlust, free-spiritedness, and strength. By understanding the connection between scent and emotion, we found divine-smelling fragrances to be a powerful way to help you embody that mold-breaking, barrier-crushing spirit within.  

The Mission

As part of our mission to empower, we also established early on that we wanted to rival the designer scents without the cruelty (or the price tag)—that’s why all of our products are cruelty-free and 100% vegan (forever!).

Giving back is also an essential part of DefineMe’s lifeblood. We created the DefineMe Dollar program and partnered with She’s The First—fighting gender inequality by supporting girls to be the first in their families to graduate from high school. One dollar from every purchase goes to scholarships for girls. We couldn’t achieve any of this without you and we are incredibly grateful to work with you in this movement to help empower women and girls through fragrance and education.

The process of scent creation:

Each fragrance starts with the simple question, “what is their purpose”?
Audry’s purpose, for example, is to help the wearer ‘feel enveloped in love’. The second question is “what would love smell like?” Founder Jennifer McKay Newton says “For me, it smells like a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers such as roses and peonies. After the scent is created the next step is to choose a name.  I ask, “what name fits well with this romantic, fresh, floral scent?” Hmmm… let’s see… how about Audry? Et voila, the scent has a purpose, personality and identity.

DefineMe Harper Fragrance

Harper walks through life fearlessly blazing her own path. Notes are citrus, sweet and fearless. Made with Love, fragrance oil, organic sugarcane alcohol + fractionated coconut oil. Wear when you’re feeling adventurous.

The Scent Wave is:

Swell: Pink Grapefruit + Neroli
Crest: Bergamot + Honey
Break: Cedar Wood + Amber

The juice opens with a crisp citrus note and within a few minutes dries down to a light warm cedar. Lovely and perfect for fall! DefineMe scents are made to be layered. Blend Harper with Delphine, Payton + Sofia Isabel.

Delphine is an artistic, creative soul who radiates an effortless elegance with notes of woods & floral. Made with love, fragrance oil, organic sugarcane alcohol + fractionated coconut oil. Wear when you feel creative and inspired.

The Scent Wave is:
Swell: Lilac + Gardenia
Crest: Ylang Ylang + Freesia
Break: Coconut + Rosewood

Delphine opens with strong floral notes of freesia and gardenia. The florals are almost overwhelming at first but they do calm down and mellow out. They are fresh and not powdery so no old lady smell here. Floral enthusiasts will love this! Blend with Harper, Payton + Sofia Isabel.

Sofia Isabel is a free spirit who embraces life with confidence. The notes are intoxicating and sweet. Made with love, fragrance oil, organic sugarcane alcohol + fractionated coconut oil. Wear this to a concert or simply hanging out with friends.

The Scent Wave is:
Swell: Mandarin + Tangerine
Crest: Black Currant + Jasmine
Break: Vanilla + Sugar

A great blend of fruity and floral, Sofia Isabel is my favorite of the three, with Harper coming in close. It gives me all the Fall feels with the warmth of the vanilla base. Blend with Audry, Payton + Clara. 

DefineMe fragrances are vegan, cruelty-free, gluten free, paraben free and phthalate free. My biggest complaint with fragrance is that it disappears too quickly so I’m thrilled that DefineMe scents are long-lasting with good sillage.

The brand also offers hair fragrance, fragrance oils, whipped body polish, candles and sets. A great way to try the scents is the fragrance oil set which includes 6 scents in rollerballs for $24. Undecided on a scent? A fragrance quiz on the website can help you find your match!

Bottom Line: DefineMe fragrances are beautiful, high-quality scents that are sure to please! You would expect them to cost much more!

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