New! Treat Your Tresses to DermOrganic Color Care Haircare!


I’ve been a long time lover of DermOrganic Haircare. When I find a brand that is socially responsible, produces effective products and is genuinely concerned about their clients, I’m on board 100%.

I spend a lot of money on my fabulously fake blonde color so I want it to last!  I’m thrilled to introduce DermOrganic’s  newest line for colored hair–DermOrganic Color Care Haircare!  The line consists of three products: Color Care Shampoo, Color Care Conditioner and DermOrganic 8-Way Thermal Spray.

This new line is specially designed to be gentle to colored locks. The products deeply hydrate and protect strands from heat styling and environmental stress. Formulated without:

  •  sulfates, glycols, DEA, MEA, dyes or food coloring
  •  artificial preservatives or parabens
  • salt, sodium chloride or other artificial thickeners
  • DermOrganic products are all vegan and gluten
  •  never tested on animals
  • DermOrganic products are Gluten-free


DermOrganic Color Care Sulfate Free Shampoo ($18) – 70% organic, this sulfate free cleansing cream helps color stays vibrant and retain a lasting tone. It’s made with 7 certified organic ingredients including argan oil, moisturizing EFA lipids and restorative rice amino acids that infuse the hair with needed nourishment each time you shampoo! It produces a rich, creamy lather that has a lovely scent. DermOrganic Shampoo rivals that expensive cleansing cream sold on OVC that rhymes with BEN!

DermOrganic Color Care Conditioner ($18) – restores supple radiance to color-treated hair, eliminates tangles and improves manageability. My fine hair tangles very easily after shampooing and conditioning and this coupled with my wet brush makes brushing a breeze. It also guards against the assaulting heat of professional styling tools and tames flyaways.  Moisture packed lipids and hydrolyzed rice protein hydrate and soften hair and it doesn’t weigh down my super fine hair! It has the same scent as the shampoo.

DermOrganic 8-Way Thermal Spray ($18) –  is a heat-activated leave-in spray that protects and improves the health of well-worn hair. Made with 7 organic ingredients including argan oil, moisturizing EFA lipids and restorative rice amino acids that infuse the hair with needed nourishment. I use a hot iron everyday so it’s nice to know that this spray protects up to 450°. This gives my hair tons of shine and bright shiny color. Bonus: I get desperately needed volume with this spray too!

DermOrganic is sold at ULTABeauty and they have some fantastic specials going on now! Try your luck with the DermOrganic Instant Win Giveaway to see if you are an instant winner of a full-sized DermOrganic Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner ($36 value)!

But that’s not all! ULTABeauty and DermOrganic are offering a gift with purchase for a free 1.7 oz Argan Oil with any $20 DermOrganic purchase. Available at ULTA Beauty stores and from 9/5 – 9/24.

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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    I love Dermorganic but I’ve never tried their haircare. These sound perfect for me

  2. I hear nothing but great things about this line!

  3. I haven’t tried the Color Care line yet, but I’m obsessed with the classic argan oil line! I got some recently at the ULTA by my gym.

  4. TheNewClassy says

    I have to say that I love their packaging. I don’t know anything about the product, other than what you have told me, but the packaging itself would make me curious.

  5. I’m loving this line right now!

  6. I’ve only tried organic hair care products once and I never got around to buying that brand again. This sounds awesome and it would be perfect for my hair since I color often.

  7. I loved the original hair line, this is going to be the next line I try! I’m especially curious about the spray.

  8. I entered the giveaway but didn’t win. I’d love to try this line. I am already impressed with DermOrganic and this sounds like a positive step forward.

  9. Karlyn Flores says

    I love this giveaway! Its a perfect Organic Spray

  10. Not familiar with the brand!

  11. I like that it’s great for hair with color. I had someone tell me once to use products for color even if you didn’t use color because they helped with moisture. 🙂

  12. DermOrganic makes one of my very fave hair masks. I don’t color my hair, yet, but color-safe shampoos are generally more gentle, which is great for my wild curls.

  13. Nicole Escat says

    I haven’t heard of these products. I hope I will find them in our local store in our country.

  14. I want to try these products, looks and sounds good from your review. I hate my hair when the weather is humid.

  15. Nicole Etolen says

    I love Dermorganic color care hair care. This brand is really a nice one, I love that they are organic too!

  16. I am not a user of such products but sounds nice based on your reviews. I will recommend this to my wife.

  17. Honestly, DermOrganic Haircare is a new brand for me, but I love that they have some wonderful hair care products that provides great results. It is good to see that they are gluten free as well, I would like to give them a try!

  18. Lisa Marie Heath says

    I’ve been using these and really love them!

  19. this is nice haven’t heard this brand before but sharing this to my friends who looks after their coloured hair, i never coloured my hair so I never tried products like this before

  20. I loved their moisturizer, but I haven’t tried their haircare. it’s probably just as good as the skincare.


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  2. […] Beauty – is loving the new DermOrganic Color Care line for her “faux” blonde locks! The gift with purchase from ULTA Beauty didn’t […]

  3. […] Beauty – is loving the new DermOrganic Color Care line for her “faux” blonde locks! The gift with purchase from ULTA Beauty didn’t […]