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DIY Beauty, a beauty product recipe book!

Have you ever tried making your own beauty products at home? If you can’t get enough of your favorite beauty supplies but wish you could find less expensive and more natural versions of them, then you need to try making your own with DIY Beauty!

I really enjoy making handmade gifts but I’m not savvy enough to concoct my own recipes and that’s where DIY Beauty comes in It’s a recipe book with all natural recipes based on your favorites brands like LUSH, Kiehl’s, Burt’s Bees, Bumble & Bumble and more!

The book is published by Simon and Schuster’s Adams Media and just became available on June 4, 2019. DIY Beauty is written by Ina De Clercq, a crafter at heart, who started making her own beauty products at home when she was diagnosed with eczema.

The book has over 100 recipes for face masks, hair treatments, lip balms, bath bombs, body creams even makeup!  The ‘beauty’ if you will, of these recipes, is that you know exactly what is in your products. You can also customize each recipe to fit your specific needs.

Making your own beauty supplies is easier, faster and more fun than you might think. Plus you will save some hard-earned moolah! I think it would be so fun to get a group of girlfriends together for a DIY Beauty party and whip up a few recipes. Everyone would have fun and get to take home a bath bomb or jar of body butter! It’s also a great way to keep kids busy this summer!

The first chapter is all about preparation. Ina explains the tools you’ll need, a shopping list, a primer on essential oils, tips on where to shop, safe storage and perfect packaging.

Speaking of packaging, I got these darling jam jars from Michael’s for something ridiculous like $2.99 each. I’m going to try the following recipe and put it in these jars for gifts.

Excerpted from DIY Beauty by Ina De Clercq. Copyright © 2019 Simon and Schuster, Inc. Used by permission of the publisher. Interior images by Harper Point Photography. All rights reserved.

Citrus Crush Body Scrub Inspired by Soap &Glory’s Sugar Crush Body Scrub

The brown sugar steals the show in this body scrub. It melts on your skin while it flakes away dry skin.

INGREDIENTS: Makes 1 (7-ounce) body scrub

2.5 ounces sea salt

2.5 ounces brown sugar

2 ounces almond oil

3–6 drops lemon or lime essential oil

1 (8-ounce) airtight container

How to Make:

1.Combine sea salt and brown sugar in a large mixing bowl.

2. Drizzle almond oil on top and stir well until salt and sugar are coated.

3. Add essential oil and stir the mixture well to combine.

4. Scoop the mixture into the airtight container.

How to Use:

1 Use this body scrub once or twice a week on wet skin. Use a clean, dry spoon to scoop 1–2tablespoons out of the container and take this with you to the shower or bathtub.

2 Gently massage this scrub on wet skin. Rinse it off.

3 Use it last in your shower routine to leave a moisturizing layer on your skin, or lather your body with soap afterward.

4 Oils can make your bathtub or shower floor slippery, so don’t forget to clean up after you are done!

How to Store: Store in a cool, dry place and keep all water out of the container. This body scrub can keep up to3 months.

Here are a few more of my favorite recipes in the book.

Lolly Bombs
Inspired by Victoria’s Secret’s PINK Popsicle Bath Bombs
Mango Mask
Inspired by Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Butter Masque
Twist Up Lip Scrub
Inspired by Dior’s Lip Sugar Scrub

You can purchase at Simonandschuster or Amazon

Bottom Line: DIY Beauty is a great book full of inspiration to make your own beauty products for yourself or to give as gifts. Invite some friends over and have a DIY party!

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