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Dossier Perfumes

Dossier Luxury Perfume develops its own alternative of some of the most famous fragrances on the market. They are your go-to destination for scents that have the same allure as the brand names but at a much fairer price point. Retail stores charge $100 and more for designer fragrances, Dossier fragrances are $29! YES, you read that correctly!

By eliminating unnecessary packaging, advertising and prestige pricing that designer brands do, the brand can concentrate on the quality of the fragrance. They deliver the exact same luxury scent for a fraction of the price. This provides you with the opportunity to build an expensive perfume collection full of affordable, top of the line perfumes you’ve been lusting after.

How It Works

  • Order any scent you would like to have. Enjoy free shipping for 3 products or more.
  • Each package contains a try-on sample. Don’t unseal the 50ml/1.7oz bottle just yet. Try your samples first to see if you like the scents.
  • Keep only the scents you love. For scents you don’t love, returns are free. Simply return the unopened 50ml. We will refund you the full price of the perfume.
Dossier Fragrance

My signature scent for quite some time was Dior J’ Adore $100, but it was just too expensive to keep repurchasing. I’m thrilled it’s one of Dossier choices! Fresh Floral 2 has top notes of Bergamot, Mandarin and Champca. Middle notes, Jasmine Sambac, Sweet Pea and Rose. The base is Amaranth Wood, Plum and Musk. The fragrance is full of contrasts: fruity yet sensual, feminine yet sexy. Fresh Floral 2 is an exact duplicate for J’ Adore but not as potent which I actually like better–it’s a bit softer.

This sunshine scent will make your heart flutter. Cheerful notes of juicy mandarin and plum with florals form the perfect blend of confidence and uber femininity.

Dossier Perfumes

Fresh Floral 1 is inspired by Versace’s Bright Crystal $78. Top notes are Pomegranate, Yuzu and Iced Accord. Middle notes are Magnolia, Lotus and Peony. The warm base is made up of Amber, Musk and Mahogany. Beginning with the tartness of pomegranate and the freshness of yuzu, this fragrance transitions to the floral heart of peony and magnolia blossoms. Warm base notes include rich amber to ground the scent. It is said that this scent is inspired by a mixture of Donatella Versace’s favorite floral fragrances. Bravo Donatella!

Like honeysuckle in springtime, this sweet scent captivates with subtle florals. But don’t be fooled by this sweetheart, musty undertones deliver a surprising dash of sensuality in every drop.

Oriental 1 available in early December, this fragrance is inspired by YSLs Black Opium $97. Top Notes: Mandarin, Pear, Pink Pepper, Middle Notes: Jasmine, Orange Blossom and Base Notes: Cedarwood, Patchouli, Vanilla.

Dossier Fragrance

Addictive, spicy, and sensual just like its inspiration, this fantastic composition boasts notes of coffee and orange blossom, vanilla and jasmine. Unlock your inner rockstar with this fragrance for the modern woman who isn’t afraid to carve her own path in the world. Dossier perfumes are priced at 2 for $49, 3 for $69, 4 for $89 and 4 for $99. They come housed in beautiful glass spray jars. All fragrances are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Bottom Line: Dossier fragrances is an affordable way to try the expensive designer perfumes you desire. They also make great gifts for the luxury perfume enthusiast.

What are some of your favorite perfumes?

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