Drugstore Find: NYC Lovatics by Demi Eyeshadow Palette

 NYC Lovatics by Demi Natural Palette

Press Sample by Blythe

Gwen and Urban Decay. Fergie and Wet’n’Wild. And now Demi Lovato and New York Color (NYC). It seems Rock Star Celebs and makeup brands go together like music and lyrics. In January New York Color introduced Demi Lovato, a singer and actress, as the new face of their brand.  In addition to promoting the brand, Demi also worked with NYC to come up with an affordable makeup collection called Lovatics.

Though I was aware of the collaboration, and a fan of NYC, I had yet to try any of the eight newly released products. Sadly, CVS is no longer carrying the brand, so I kept forgetting to look out for Lovatics. Although you can find NYC at Duane Reade, Family Dollar, Kmart, Walmart and Target, I tend to frequent CVS more often, mostly because it is right up the street.

Anyhow, luckily I was sent the new Lovatics by Demi Eyeshadow Palette, $4.99, in 020 Natural.    The palette,inspired by Demi’s beautiful natural look, features 12 exclusive nude shades, ranging from matte to shimmer. The shadows are grouped into three categories, Discreet Nude (1,2,3,5), Glamour Nude (4,6,7,8) and Smokey Nude (9,10,11,12), and designed to help you create the perfect day or night look.

NYC Demi Lavato Palette Swatches

So do I have love for Lovatics?

I would say I have more like than love. First off, the price point of $4.99 is an amazing deal. NYC is known for creating great products at highly affordable prices. I’m already a huge fan of their lippie crayons, which probably surprises no one given my lip product obsession.

Secondly, the color payoff on all of the shadows is perfection. There isn’t a shadow in the palette that doesn’t deliver the color you would expect. I also love their lasting power. I tried several looks out, with and without a primer, and both times the shadows lasted after hours and hours of wear.

NYC Demi Lavato Palette Looks

My one problem with these shadows is their blendability. While the pigmentation makes application easy, it doesn’t really allow you to build or blend out. When you’re trying to create a smokey eye, that can be a challenge. I also had a few issues with creasing, but only when I used shimmer shadows in my crease. Thankfully, the matte shades don’t have this issue.

I also wish they would have added a light silver or gray shade to go along with the two darker grays in the palette. This is more of a personal wish. The lighter shades in the palette are pretty, but I don’t think they highlight the grays as well as I would like.

Overall: If you’re a fan of NYC, then you’ll definitely want to check out the Lovatics by Demi Eyeshadow Palette. At $4.99, for 12 shades, it is a great deal. I think it would make a great gift or work as a useful tool for someone just getting into makeup, or for someone who wants to experiment with natural shadows. While it is nowhere near the quality of higher end natural palettes, it’s intense pigmentation and long-wearing formulation make it a fabulous drugstore find.


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  1. I love Demi (I may out of the usual demographic) and I love the number of different looks you can create with this one pallet!

  2. It’s funny that my mother-in-law arrived yesterday for a visit and the first thing she asked me about was if she could get NYC eyeshadow here. I don’t wear make-up so I had no idea but we found it at CVS. She loves it.

  3. OnceUponADollhouse says

    This palette looks amazing and the price is even more amazing. Sometimes drug store finds are lovely. Sometimes mascara at a CVS is a must.

  4. Amy Albers says

    That really is an amazing price for that many shades. Having brown eyes, I tend toward the neutral and brown palettte, so this looks perfect!

  5. That’s awesome though, I had no idea that Demi Lovato has a make-up palette. I love the shades, because it’s so me. Lol. I prefer the mattes over the shimmers!

  6. This palette is so pretty! I love the colors in it, especially if you love to wear neutrals!

  7. I love this palette. I think the quality is amazing for that price. I too would like a lighter gray in it but even without I get a lot of use from it.

  8. I use the naked palette for all of my neutral colors but these sound great for that price! I like that there are several shades in one palette.

  9. tp keane says

    I absolutely love these shades, browns, pinks and purples are my fav. Thanks for letting me know about them.

  10. Nicole Escat says

    That looks so cool! I would love to have one. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Ive always wondered if the color lasts….. 4 hours? That great! Ill be checking these out! thanks

  12. $5 is a steal for a 12 pack of eyeshadow. I agree that a silvery shade would look great with your eyes.

  13. adriana nudo says

    What a gorgeous palette! I love these colors!

  14. I have been thinking about a palette lately. I love the browns in this one and definitely love the price.

  15. jillconyers says

    I love the colors. was at Target last night and found an awesome eye shadow palette with very similar colors.

  16. Those are really lovely shades – shades that my sister who is so into makeup would surely love!

  17. I’ll check it out and I love Demi 😉 .. thanks for sharing.

  18. chubskulit says

    Love the color palettes, those are the kinds I love using. I am a fan of Demi!

  19. Stephanie Pass says

    What a pretty palette of colors. I’ll have to tell my teenager about this one. She loves nude colors.

  20. Aziel Morte says

    I love this palette and all the colors was really looks good.

  21. Wow! So cute color scheme. I would love to try that.

  22. Denea Duran says

    I love these colors and I love NYX! I will be on the hunt for this!

  23. Seems like a great product and brand. And oh, I love DEMI! 🙂

  24. i didn’t know demi lovato had makeup, i love her music!