Eco-Amour Shave With Benefits Shaving Foam

When my good friend Marcia from Beauty Info Zone told me about Ec0-Armour Shave Foam, I admit I didn’t listen very closely. Before you go getting on Judgy McJudgster on me, hear me out. It’s. Shave. Cream. How exciting can that be? Shaving is not glamorous, it’s a chore we women have had to do nearly every day of our lives! I know, I have the scars to prove it! Besides, how is that gonna help me get a man? On second thought, having nice, smooth, pretty legs versus my hairy winter growth couldn’t hurt. I ‘m sorry Marcia, I should have been listening closer because this shave foam ROCKS! I can get excited about eye shadow or a glowy blush in a hot minute, but shave foam? You betcha! Eco-Armour Shave Foam is so unique, so original, so effective, it makes me giddy! And that’s not all folks. Get this–it’s eco-friendly, natural and green! Win!

As I said, this shaving foam is unique. It’s a foam, not a thick gel or cream and you use it differently. Apply to your legs when you’re in the shower or bath and let it soak in for a few minutes, you can then add another coat if you desire. Then, shave your legs like you normally would. Dry off the blade and add a pinch of Eco-Armour to your blade. It will make your blade last longer. I tend to get bumps on the back on my legs from shaving and Eco-Armour solved that problem pronto. It is especially good for sensitive skin too.

I have truly never gotten a shave this close with no nicks or blood! My legs feel SO soft, smooth and hydrated,  I don’t even need to use a body moisturizer after shaving. Honestly, the first time I used Eco-Armour, I couldn’t stop rubbing my calves against each other–they felt that silky! I’ve even tried it on my face as a cleanser and it makes my skin feel like velvet!

Eco-Armour is vegan and made of essential oils and citric acid.  It’s available in three scents. Eucamint, Pomango and Bergamot+Pink Grapefruit.

Overall Thoughts: the smoothest, nick -free shave you’ll ever get, great scents, good for the environment, it’s a no-brainer! Order now!!

Prime Beauty Grade: A++

Cruelty free. Get yours from Eco-Armour for $12.00.

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  1. Thanks for the review!

  2. Awesome review, Cindy! I totally agree– this is the best shaving foam ever!!!!!!

  3. You should know that I know my stuff. Really Cindy! Of course I’d rather have an eyeshadow but the people around me appreciate my hairfree legs even more.

  4. Love the packaging as well!


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