Eddie Funkhouser Blush Bonanza!

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The word Bonanza is defined as: something that produces very good results for someone or something. I can’t think of a better word to describe the Eddie Funkhouser Ultra Intensity Cheek Colors ($8.99).  This bonanza of blush comes in four incredibly beautiful matte shades:

Peep Show – cool vibrant pink

A Little Toasted – warm bronzed coral

Sidestreet Blossom- warm, pinky peach

Plum Crazy – cool plummy pink

The texture of these blushes is exceptional–they are micro milled for a soft and creamy feel but are firm enough not to kick up powder. They have great color payoff and blend easily. Even better, the extended wear formula does not fade during the day.

With every product he sells, Eddie gives us an application tip which makes me love him even more than I already do. Eddie’s tip: Apply a light application of powder to the cheeks prior to applying cheek color. This prevents color from clinging to one spot and allows for a more even distribution of color.

These blushes brighten up my day and my face!

But that’s not all! Eddie also sent me the Ultra Definition Bronze & Sculpt Powder ($12.99). Pyramid Bronze is a multitasking bronzer, blusher, highlighter and contour powder all in one convenient compact. Five custom shades combine matte and shimmer tones for a pearlescent multi-dimensional finish. The compact is made up of three bronzers and two highlight shades that when mixed together provide a lovely warm glow. You could use the shades separately, but it would be hard to get a brush in the various stripes. I feel this is made to be mixed together by swirling a big fluffy brush in all shades. I applied it along my forehead, under my cheekbones as a bronzer and under my chin and along the jawline to contour. So many bronzers make me look muddy or orange, but this is perfect for fair skinned beauties like me! It has just the right amount of color and highlight to add warmth and glow–I am totally loving it! Like the blushes, the bronze and sculpt powder is buttery soft and easily blended.

You can see the Ultra Definition Bronze and Sculpt Powder here along with Sidestreet Blossom (love that name) and Eddie Funkhouser Chromographic Lipsticks Kiki lipstick reviewed here. 

Bottom Line: Eddie Funkhouser Ultra Intensity Cheek Colors and Ultra Definition Bronze & Sculpt Powder have excellent quality with a fantastic price! Get to Rite Aid or EddieFunkhouser.com now!

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  1. oh I love the plum crazy. The sparkles on the first photo got my excited because I thought there were massive sparkles in the product but sadly not. I’ve had bronze and sculpt powder like that before and I think it’s one of my favorite ways to use bronze.

  2. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    I love ’em all and the contour & highlight compact too!

  3. Leslie Morrison says

    Such great products! It’s about time to switch it up for fall colors. I’ll check these out!

  4. FabZilla_Kath says

    OMG, I love all you shared

  5. Ooh! I love “A Little Toasted”. They’re all such fun colors. I might have to get some 🙂

  6. I wish it was at all Rite Aid’s but sadly it’s not. These are great blushes and I can’t help but love them. I haven’t tried the bronzer palette but it looks terrific.

  7. I love that Cool Pink. I think it matches my skin tone the best. I am always afraid that the bronzers don’t look good on me, too dark.

  8. These cheek colors are absolutely stunning! And the bronzer looks amazing on your skin 🙂

  9. Amber Nelson says

    I always have such a hard time picking out blush for my skin tone, but I am thinking the cool pink would be my best bet.

  10. So many amazing new to me products here! I have to admit, I am not very makeup savvy but it looks like this blush is really awesome. Love all the pretty colors too!

  11. I just bought some new blush but wasn’t sure what color. Thanks for showing all of these.

  12. These colors are really pretty! I like the way the links look best on you in the bottom photo.

  13. Kelly Hutchinson says

    I actually am in the market for a new blush. The Essie Funkhouser line sounds great!

  14. Jean Standley says

    Oh my word, those blush shades are so pretty! I tend to leave blusher out of my make up routine as I often get quite flushed cheeks, but now you’ve seriously made me want to try these!

  15. That looks so good on you! I love the colors of the blush. It’s not overpowering, so it wouldn’t look unnatural. It’s really pretty.

  16. I love the peach blush! It looks so warm and yummy for fall.

  17. Frolic_Life_Syl says

    I really like the Sidestreet Blosson blush shade! I love products that are multi-use. It’s gresat to have one things that does a few jobs instead of a ton of single use products.

  18. I’m not familiar with this line of cosmetics, but I like that you get a lot of different options in a single palette. It’s nice to know that these colors and makeup complements fair skinned complexions well.

  19. Arlene Salcedo says

    I have never head of this brand but i like all the blush colors they offer. They can prob go with any skin color which is always good.

  20. I really like the warm bronzed coral shade. These are great for matching with many different outfits.

  21. Frosted Events says

    A good blush is essential. It can make you look so much younger and really bring out cheekbones. I like peachy colors and sometimes a brighter pop of pink.